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Maybe I’m wrong……….but

I don’t want a Kindle, I love books, I’ve loved books since I was old enough to hold one and turn the pages,  I love the feel, the smell and the sheer look of a book.  I can’t settle down to sleep till I’ve read at least a couple of pages of my current one.

Obviously at first they had to have pictures till I could read, I was a forward child and always wanted to know , who, what, why and where. When  I was about four I was evacuated  when the war started with my brother, he was twelve, though I was so young I was sent to school, now school in those days was nothing like what it is now, you went there to learn, We sat in rows with our hands on the desk in front of you, as I was the youngest [and the smallest] I was at the front of the class, very handy for the teacher to rap my knuckles with a ruler for not paying attention. It made me pay attention all right,, I  didn’t find learning a chore but to be honest paying attention was.

I look back on that early experience of school and am grateful to these dedicated teachers, most children in my generation learned to read, write and add up and the majority passed the exams necessary to go on to higher education. 

Getting back to reading, 

I read everything I could get my hands on, always having a book to hand, Christmas and birthdays was presents of books. 

I still like books with pictures, and will look at the pictures first then go on to the word. 

I go to the library regularly and love nothing better than coming home with an armful of books.  I’d go through phases of maybe Historical novels, Social history, nature , right now I’ve been devouring my way through Autobiographies, and Biographies, As they’ve usually got pictures it satisfies both aspects of my pleasure. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not solely a frivolous reader, I do like to read books that further knowledge.

\Now the library is free at the point of use, and I can get up to ten books at a time, out of that six – eight or so, I may only find two that I read cover to cover, now if I had to buy these books to view on a kindle it would be a bit of an expense., as far as I’m aware books can be anything from £1.99 upwards, but it is wasted money of you don’t like it, also, once I’ve read a book, I seldom read it again unless it’s exceptional, and that would be at least five years later. Well as I said, Maybe I’m wrong…. but I think people will always like books.


  1. Did I reply to this if not as I said I am a very slow reader Arlene , I have three books sitting idle at the moment. I have promised myself to get stuck in this weekend. Well that’s if something else doesn’t crop up of course.
    Cold here very still , and a t least no rain.
    Hugs Sheila xx to you and Ruby x

    • Ideal weather for sitting in by the fire catching up on reading, but I can’t read daytime without falling asleep. The weather is a tiny bit less cold, probably because the wind has dropped. keep warm XX

  2. Hi Wolfie, Thanks for your reply, and I respect your affection for the Kindle, and it does a bit more than just books, but I bought an iPad as an extra for that sort of thing , but I’ll be honest, I only use it to quickly look on FB when I can’t be bothered firing up the laptop. Also I am fortunate in having two libraries fairly close, so no excuse for no having reading material, and I get reminders on email.
    But TBH your need for a kindle appears quite a necessity, But I still baulk at the thought of buying books I want when I can get for free , something to do with being Scottish 🙂

  3. We have so many books,Arlene, in every room, ‘cepting the bathroom of course, (not good for the paper…. and no temptation should the loo roll run out.. 😉 ) I know you can have the Kindle (and whatever else they’ve come up with since) filled to the brim with impersonal pages, that will do anything you can imagine, (larger print, smaller? Save the page, bookmark? turn a somersault.. of course, why not? 😉 but It’s never the same..and will never replace the sound, feel , look and smell of holding a new book, (or better still an old one to lovingly re-read) in your hands. . Saying that tho’, one friend swears by her Kindle, and it’s a matter of horses for courses, ‘cos she’s Arthritic and it opens up the world of books without the need for too much dexterity… It’s matter choice vs need I suppose. …
    hugs and woofs to you and Ruby Tuesday..from me… xPenx.

    • Hi Pen I used to have a lot of books around, but not so many now as I’m trying to downsize as they say. but I hang on to my dog books and my poetry books, they are precious. My daughter has a kindle and loves it, maybe I would too ,but not as much I bet,
      Also is it the same getting a subscription or whatever for a book for your kindle or receiving a parcel, obviously a book and the anticipation of ripping off the paper to see what it is, I think not. I’m probably just a Luddite. Hugs back from we two.

  4. Great post 😉 I do enjoy reading about growing up years and you remind me a lot of how I was too. I’ve discovered “going back to school” as an adult is brain frazzling though! It’s totally different to the rest of the adult education I’ve been involved in!
    I thought you might react like that to the idea of a kindle 😉 I’m loving my Kindle Fire HD and it’s great for the internet too (wi fi only but it’s free and secure at Waterstone’s bookshop) Books-wise it’s actually a lot cheaper than you might think – there’s a huge number of free books and loads of well known ones of all varieties for less than a pound. They download straight to your device and when you’ve finished them you can delete them to save memory and they’re stored in “The Cloud” till you want them again 🙂 I’m reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice…I am shocked to say I am loving it, it’s fantastic! But I’d never have considered it in standard book form. Better still it came free with the Kindle Fire. I also d-loaded a whole set of her books for 77p at the weekend 🙂 But I totally appreciate your viewpoint and they’re not for everyone. Personally I’m hooked…and the games are cool too and mostly free! I have a great dog training game which is also educational and teaches you clicker training for dogs…63p from Amazon! They use real dogs part of the time, I’m useless with the clicker so far but I’m working at being a great trainer ready for real life!!!

    I think the Kindle’s cheaper for me since I’m incapable of getting books back to the library on time and end up with huge fines! They shut ours down for 6 months – part of the reason for looking for an alternative reading form as buying them at the shops is very expensive and I lack space to store them in. Now I refuse to use it all (the library that is) on principle. They forced me to increase my mobile broadband allowance at considerable expense because they made it impossible for workers to get near the temporary internet unit housing their computers too. I prefer to use the one in the next town that never let me down 🙂 But I can only get there at weekends…so Kindle it is!!

    Hope this comment isn’t too short for you!!! lol 😉 😀 I’ll shut up now and go back to my brain frazzling mathematical studies! 🙂 Wolfie hugs!

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