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Sorry to be a bore

Well this won’t be the most scintillating of posts as the title suggests it was a boring day but I am trying to keep up with this blog now that I’ve got going. The weather is still very cold though to-day was very grey and looked as though it was going to rain any time. I washed the dog’s blankets and took the chance to put them on the line to dry, they didn’t., there wasn’t any wind and no sun, so I took them back indoors.

After lunch I felt at a a loose end and just couldn’t settle, I’m itching to get out in the garden., but that’s a no, no right now. I couldn’t be bothered painting nor going on the computer, so I thought I’d do something I don’t do often – settle down and read a book. I woke up an hour later !  Had a cup of tea and by then it was 4 o’clock, did a bit of this and a bit of that, then opened the computer till quarter past five and took Ruby out, Boy was it cold, but the walk did me good and cleared my head. 

Yesterday morning I went to open the boot of my car to discover that some scumbag had run into the back and cracked the bumper. was I annoyed. not a thing I can do about it.  #&*$!£+} 

TV is as usual not too interesting on a Tuesday evening, so i fiddled with my blog and did some surfing. , visiting a few old bloggers.

 It’s almost bedtime, so I shall have a cup of milk and a biscuit when my leccie blanket has warmed the bed, and say good night. 


  1. Oh yes 🙂 Another reason I didn’t get to visit anyone last night…went for an assessment for a maths course I thought might be good for me…it almost frazzled my brain and left me brain dead! lol 😉 It’s been a long time since I bothered doing any significant maths and I’ve never been so tired!!! 2 hrs of tests and that was me wiped out for the night complete with mathematical headache! Oh Wolf!! 🙂 Just thought to mention it…share the pain and all that! lol 😉

    • Oh Wolfie, I do sympathise and share your pain with you, though I’d never put myself in the position of having a maths assessment, , I could never understand them beyond the 10 times table. Anyhow I hope it was worth it for you, was it to further your employment?
      But thanks for mustering up enough strength to come visiting, much appreciated.

      • Don’t believe I just left a really long comment sharing my mad brain frazzled night and then it vanished! It’s gone! I’m not starting all over again now, I’ll re-do it tomorrow 🙂 But you will see why this last little comment losing incident is likely to cause a hysterical Wolfie breakdown 🙂 😀 x

  2. Nighty night Arlene! Been a bit delayed with blogs due to using ALL my month’s data on my phone and running up an extra tenner on the phone bill in the process! Had to turn the i-net service off altogether to avoid further charges whilst the op’ system used even more that I didn’t have 😦 Terrible!! So, been restricted to waiting till I got back home to the laptop to visit anyone…so I didn’t!! Now I’m kind of catching up…with the lucky few lol 😉 It’s also freezing cold and sitting tapping keys on the l-top doesn’t make me any warmer lol so I guess I’m being pretty boring, never mind you! Reading wise I think you should get yourself a Kindle 🙂 That will be exciting enough to keep you awake 😉 It’s a shame about your car. That sort of thing happens a lot in the work car park and as you say no one ever owns up and there’s nothing you can do. Very unfair. I hope it doesn’t cost too much to get fixed. In the meantime a cuppa, a biscuit and a lovely warm bed sound so inviting I’m tempted to do the same! You take care and stay nice and cozy warm Arlene 🙂 Soon be summer!! 🙂 Warming Wolfie hugs for you and Ruby 😉

    • Wolfie, it’s high time you got yourself a good broadband deal so you can surf and visit all you want, either that or get a rich boyfriend to shoulder the cost. No Kindle for me, [I’m going to blog about that]
      I’m having to leave getting my car done for a week or so as the insurance is due for renewal soon. Today wasn’t quite as cold, but still not warm enough to go without the thermals. XX

      • LoL…I had my thermal undies on today and it was still biting!! 😉
        As to the broadband deals…there aren’t any good ones!! I was looking for my friend who is like a bear with a sore head since he cut off his connection thinking he could get a better deal elsewhere, then found out he’d been misled and it was going to cost a whole lot more 😉 Home broadband is far too restricting anyway, I need to use it everywhere and anywhere I please and that’s mostly away from the house! lol 😉

  3. some days are just like that Arlene, and the only thing to do is … just what you did, have a cuppa and a biccie and then cocoon yourself in that welcoming heated bed…Tomorrow is another day…(as Scarlett O’Hara said, in Gone with the Wind.. ) and at the very least you’re not suffering from wind ….erm..are you?.. .. sniff….mayhap it’s Ruby Tuesday making an added comment?… 😉 …No day is totally boring … just we expect so much sometimes methinks… Take care you two, … hugs and woofs from li’l ole me… xPenx

    • Hiya Pen, nice to see you, Yes the next day wasn’t so boring, went for tea in the afternoon with a couple of friends, and there’s nothing like three old biddies putting the world to rights. LOL Ruby keeps her opinion to herself, wise girl. Hope you are still enjoying being back in bloggerland. X

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