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Before I forget

As I said in my last post, you can think of all sorts of witty and interesting things to blog about, till you sit in front of the blogging machine and PPHHHTT they’re gone, well before I reply to all my lovely friends who were kind enough to reply I thought I’d blog this before I forget, which I’m bound to do,
Now it may not be witty or interesting, but, it’s my little bit of cyber space and I’m using it. To the blog.
Took Ruby and Barney out this morning [remember Barney?] he’s the dog I take out twice weekly as his Mum’s mum is getting too old, she’s almost 92 ! and sadly she is beginning to feel her age, she has been quite weak and poorly for a couple of weeks., say a little prayer for her if you’re that way inclined. She took Barney out for her daughter twice weekly when she’s on extra shifts up until three years ago, then I took over. She is one of the sweetest old ladies you could ever meet. Get well soon Joan.
So… we went along the beach as usual and boy was it cold, I shan’t tell you the amount of clothing I was wearing, but Scott of the Antarctic would have been impressed.
Popped into the shops to buy some eggs and a lemon as I was hoping to do some baking. no problem with the eggs, but …. I would have had to buy 5 lemons… I don’t want 5 lemons, what does anyone want with 5 of them ? you can’t eat them like you can an orange or even with a bit of sugar like a grapefruit, so I declined and bought an orange instead.

Here’s the pictures of the fruits of my labour this afternoon, By the way I didn’t use the orange after all, as I made a cherry and almond cake instead, as I had some ground almonds to be used. the flapjacks are an easy peasy bake and enjoyed by my family who are coming over at the weekend.. One good thing about baking, the kitchen is nice and warm. It’s still cold, but has got dull, I thought it was going to snow, but it hasn’t. Bye for now.
PS not sure whether or not to ice the cherry cake, or leave it, maybe stick some green glace cherries on. ??


  1. Your kitchen sounds like my idea of heaven! Lovely and warm and cosy and full of delicious baking smells….drooooool! Just what you need after a freezing cold dog walk on the beach 🙂 You must have a constitution of stone to survive that! lol 😉 Quick! Back to your lovely hot kitchen…I’m starving! 🙂

    • Got it in one Wolfie, I admit to turning the heating down when I bake, it is a substitute. LOL

  2. I know, lemons are just … left there… to moulder and be thrown out …(compost binned ) That’s why I have a bottle of Jif lemon juice … ’til I suddenly looked at the date and it was a couple of YEARS out of date… Pffft….Seems as if I don’t have a need … except for pancakes I suppose… but I forget about Shrove Tuesday unless I catch up on the news… So, Arlene, any cake left for a hungry soul?…Pretty please?…xx Hugs to you and Ruby Tuesday… (and Tango )… from me (and her maj ).. xPenx

    • It happens to me frequently Pen, especially with cooking ingredients, unless I bake often I find stuff like Baking powder, Bicarb, Ground almonds goes off before you use them up, I often wonder if it’s just a swizz to make you buy more
      Some cake left, better hurry, flapjacks are gone. sorry. hugs from me ‘n’ Ruby. I bet Tango and her maj have met up and are having fun. I’d like to think so anyhow. 😦

  3. Hi Anne, as a baker yourself, you know how cosy and homely that feels like, I just wish I could eat it all without piling on the calories.

  4. Bet the aroma of that baking is heavenly. Makes sense to use the heat in the kitchen to warm the place up and more yummy productive.

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