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Cake update

Just to add, that I decided to decorate the cake then have a taste, not too bad if I say so. Image


  1. OH lOVELY cakie thanks for the recipe Arlene

    xxSheila xx

    • I was given a good one by one of my FB friends and sounds and looks really yummy.

  2. Hi there, Arlene and Ruby Tuesday, I’m on my way too, but I suppose by now the cake’s been scoffed.. ‘Tis always the way, Pen’s too darn late. so any crumbs left for a little’n? 😉
    Thing is I love to bake cakes, but t’trouble is I’d scoff the lot as soon as I could… Having a sweet tooth (teeth’s?) is my downfall. Ah well, bye for now, It’s curry for tea this evening, so I’m feeding my savoury side…. hugs ‘n woofs to you two, from me… xPenx

    • No it’s not all gone Pen, though I’ve just had a bit for my afternoon cuppa, I’m good at freezing stuff, just as well or I’d be scoffing it all too, so come on over with your blowtorch. LOL

  3. Thought you would Wolfie, hurry now tea’s getting stewed.

  4. OOOOooooh! Share with Wolfie 😀

    • Take the train to London, then the no 25 bus to Winchester, then the no 4 to Salisbury, the train to Southampton, then the 15 a that only runs once a day to Bournemouth, then a taxi to New Milton from there hoof it about three miles, just in time for tea.

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