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Just a little blogging

Before I start I notice I spelt Emotions on my previous post wrong., if it happens again, feel free to slap my wrist. Not too hard though. 

Why is it that sometimes my head is buzzing with idle chit chat to blog about, often during the night or when I’m out walking Ruby, then when it comes time to put finger to keyboard………….nothing, zilch, blank mind, so I thought it best to write down the thoughts right away. and here’s the result.

First, and this is why I’m sure I get mental blocks, this freezing cold weather is numbing my brain !, when is it going to end, I am seriously considering emigrating to Siberia, it can’t be any colder, Walking Roobs to-day down by the sea front was not the most comfortable experience, it was down to freezing with a fierce cutting wind, and they don’t give any let up in the near future. It was good to get back home and snuggle down with a hottie. 

One good thing I did get my washing dried to-day, lovely, so a little bit of a silver lining.

To-day was my day for Mah Jong, and…..da-ra, I won three games. Ah so! Either I’m getting better, or, I just got good tiles. One of the group was a pretty experienced player and I don’t think she was too happy. tough! the times I’ve gone and not had anything near a win. All good fun really.

Right that’s it for now, the brain is going back to slumber mode, catch you again


  1. Hi Arlene hope you are enjoying this change in the weather , sure is good to feel the sun again. While it last as rain due later on in the week.
    This backdrop is so pretty well done!
    Hugs Sheila x

    • Hi Sheila, yes to-day has been a welcome change, but as you say it won’t last, I spent the day clearing out my summerhouse, as I know I won’t get a chance once I start gardening.
      Thanks for compliment on background, I enjoy doing these things, it’s a pity we can’t change the font, unless we buy them, cheek! Hugs to all from me’n’ Ruby, who was sunning herself in the yard XX

  2. I replied to this comment earlier Wolfie, but it appears to have disappeared , I had trouble starting up my computer so I don’t know, anyhow, nice to see you here and thanks for your comment. I’d be interested to know what version of Mah Jong you installed on your kindle, not that i have one, but the game I play is nothing like the one on my computer. It is played by a team of 3 -4 .
    About blogging maybe we should all make a bigger effort to post at least one a week. as FB seems to have taken over everyone’s lives LOL.
    Thanks for the compliment on my ‘art ‘ attempts, not nearly as user friendly as it used to be on Spaces. but it’s fun. Pull these furry bootees on and keep warm. hugs from Ruby Doobs,

  3. Hi Wolfie, old faithful! The Mah Jong I play is nothing like what you play on the computer, I thought it was, till I went along to the local community centre and joined, no, this is the proper job Chinese thingy, the sets are about £50 and you play in sets of 2 – 4 ideally 4, and it does test your brain. But maybe your kindle version is similar/
    Thanks for the compliment of the ‘art work’ it’s one of the pleasures I get from blogging.
    It’s about time I braved the cold and took Ruby out, not that she’s all that interested, but I need the exercise too. Bye for now and thanks for visiting. keep warm

  4. At least you have made an effort with your blog Arlene, all I have done recently is go on just to clear all the “spam” comments… 64 at last clear out ! Maybe when the weather gets better we will all get a new momentum and start again ! I find that since I have had the iPod I tend to just use it, rather than going upstairs on the computer, lazy or what ? !!!

    • I never used to get spam Marjie, but I find a get a bit more now, from strange sounding bloggers, ‘toemail’ is one.
      I got an ipad thingy but must confess apart from getting FB i can’t be bothered with it, but that’s because I haven’t a clue how to get anything else. LOL, it’s just too handy having the laptop here at my feet.

  5. Aha! At long last I have gotten in to my wp successfully and can comment. Don’t feel sorry for me , I’m too lazy to sit at pc nowadays and tend to use my mobile but a glitch in the last app udate had me giving up with blogs.
    I fell into the Facebook trappings of quick and easy status and responses and neglected the blogging that I did enjoy. Like you Arlene, my mind goes blank. Nearly all my friends are the same here as fb so are pretty much up to date and know my news anyway. If I did blog now I would only be boring folk and repeating myself.
    Could have written blog with all of above as the topic instead of cluttering up your comments couldn’t I!

    • Well since reading and replying to this Anne you have managed to put up a post in your blog, good for you, there’s not enough of us nowadays, FB is just too busy for me, I can’t spare enough time on it to keep up.

  6. Wrap up well Arlene and keep warm, it will make you feel better…

    • Thank you Lady Jude, I will, nice to see you. I’m feeling better already

  7. I think we’re all like that Arlene, I’m usually buzzing with stuff to blog about that really I ought to write down as I think of it because as soon as I’m sitting in front of the keyboard, its gone and my mind is a complete blank!

    • Hi Sandra, lovely to see you on here too, it’s made the effort to start again worth it, Just as long as folks like yourself can put up with my ramblings, I’ll carry on for a bit.

  8. You sound a lot like me today Arlene! I’m snuggled up with the hottie right now thinking about my dinner actually but just got a few things to finish on w/p first 🙂 You did well to dry your washing…I can’t add that one to my list of achievements for the day yet! Nor winning Mah jong! I love the game, and installed a highly interesting variation of it on my Kindle Fire HD tablet recently…but win? Nah!!! Oh and I do know what you mean about when you sit down at the keyboard all poised to type then…Nothing! All gone! Numb frozen brain no longer functioning!! So you’re not alone…maybe you should let Ruby do the thinking for both of us! lol 😉
    I do love the way you’ve currently got this blog page, it’s lovely 🙂 Stay warm and cosy and don’t spend too much time outside in that freezing cold 🙂 Wolfie hug 🙂

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