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Horse meat or not

With all this scandal lately about processed meat makes me wonder have people lost the art of cooking, I have no problem with ready meals, and have taken advantage of the convenience many times, but some families appear to live no other way. For some reason it’s thought they are cheaper, IF they are it’s not by much. Almost everyone nowadays has a freezer and a microwave and possibly a slow cooker, with these three pieces of kitchen furniture you can make your own ready meals and much more cheaply. Go to your local butcher or supermarket, or even better still market stall and buy your meat, cook it in the slow cooker with some veg, bag it up in meal size portions and freeze it, voila you can have enough food for a week, and can ring the changes by adding either potato or pasta, potatoes can also freeze well. There is really no need to buy processed and wonder what on earth you’re eating, it could even be dog or cat, as it is acceptable in many far east countries.

Last week end i bought two packs of British mince from market for £10, with a large onion, and a couple of carrots and a stock cube made enough for 6 meals, 3 large baking potatoes made enough mash to accompany them , I had a portion of mince left I had that with some chilli sauce and spaghetti made a Bolognese, And I knew my food was wholesome. 


  1. Hello Arlene! What a lovely surprise to find you here! I had to look twice to make sure I wasn’t seeing things 😉 I like your background btw 🙂 I’m pretty restricted on the cooking front with no working oven and no grill but I still manage some good, wholesome home-cooked meals. I do eat the odd ready meal though I’m sticking to fish only now! I assume there’s no horse meat in that too 😉 It just makes me really mad that the food industry is treating us like a bunch of idiots and insulting our intelligence as well as lying to us and potentially putting our health at risk. Who do they think they are? Without the consumer they wouldn’t have a business so show us some respect!!!
    Wolfie hugs 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, yes it’s me, maybe I’ve got too much time on my hands, LOL. I’m glad you manage to do some good wholesome cooking under such restricted, [I shan’t say primitive] conditions] Though I did hear something on the radio about starting some investigation about fish being passed off as cod when i could be something different , maybe it’s just scaremongering, but, is nothing sacred. Be good to yourself , hugs from me ‘n’ Ruby

      • It’s ok lol… primitive is a perfectly good description! It will all be modern and new eventually…renovation and modernisation is a slow process though lol 😉

        Fish being passed off as cod?!! Oh Wolf! Time to go hunting fresh Bison and Elk I think! Nevermind the cooking just get on with the fangy bit! Eat it fresh and raw where it’s caught and hope there’s no horse DNA somehow found it’s way in! Now…I wonder if those were Europan fish on the homeworld…or Cod! Wolfie hugs for you and Ruby 🙂

      • Happy hunting, or fishing. 🙂

  2. Chancy and Mumsy

    Glad to hear you have had a nice day. I prefer good home cooking. Happy Valentines Day sweet Arlene! Hugs and nose kisses from me and mine

    • Thanks Mumsy, I’ve got a nice pot of soup in my slow cooker, made with the chicken bones after I’d stripped all the meat off to make meals from with some to spare for Ruby of course. Hugs and sleep tight as it’s bedtime here XX

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