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Well as any of you who have followed me in the past will possibly notice I haven’t been making any contributions to this blog lately. Well Christmas has come and gone since then so I thought maybe, just maybe I might just stir up the brain cells and see what comes up.

Christmas itself was a bit of a damp squib, caused by a family member who hadn’t been playing ball for some time and it all came to light, I say no more about it as it’s family business, suffice to say it left a few of us shell shocked.

A couple of nice things have happened though, two of my grandchildren got engaged,, Lovely Nicola, whose partner Daryl proposed when they went to Disneyland in Paris with Tommy their little boy. Then Craig my only grandson asked the also lovely Jade to marry him. They threw an engagement party a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know when the weddings will be.

My brother’s health deteriorated and recently died, so that meant a trip to Scotland to attend his burial, very sad.

It makes me ponder about life a bit though, as one side of my family is growing, the other older side is deteriorating,  I am the only one left out of four brothers and a sister, and their various  spouses.

 But then that’s the way it has always been, and what keeps the world turning.

We had a Valentines party at the dance club, it was a nice evening I ate a bit too many goodies, and woke up this morning around 1 am with a bit of a tummy, but after a light lunch I’m OK again. serves me right I just love party food. 

The winter is dragging on, it has been unrelentingly cold and wet, with a few days of snow back along.

Although to-day is still chilly though dry, there somehow seems to be a slight change in the feel of the air, perhaps it’s because the birds are singing more and I see a few chasing each other so maybe and hopefully, spring is just around the corner.


  1. Hi Arlene good to read your post today..You have had a happy time and a sad period. As Marjie say’s guess that’s what life is all about. Although it is very sad to lose a spouse. The Wedding sounds exciting and I bet you are are thrilled to hear of that news.
    Drizzle today would be nice to have a long dry spell , giving the garden more pleasurable to walk in.

    Hugs Sheila enjoy your week. x

    • Hi Sheila, nice to get a reply from you, I hope the wedding isn’t for some time as I can’t afford it too soon after Christmas, LOL
      I only gave ruby one walk to-day, it was way too cold and drizzly to face it again. She’s lazy and doesn’t appear to mind. Keep warm and cosyXX

  2. marjie(MeMyself)

    Hi Arlene. Looks like you have had a lot going on already this year, a mixture of sadness and happiness, I guess that is what life is all about. Sorry to read about your Brother, I have three sisters and dread the thought of losing them, but then I am the eldest so maybe I won’t have that heartbreak !
    I am fed up with this miserable weather, have hardly moved out of the house unless I have really had to …. Very lazy really !
    Like you I have not blogged much lately, really must get around to it!

    Looking forward to Spring too.

    Take care, love Marjie x

    • Hi there Marjie, I decided to give FB a bit of short time and blog, though it does take more effort, I still prefer it.,though I’ll be happier when I’m spending my spare time in the garden.
      I do hope you will have to wait a long long time before you face the loss of any siblings.
      Thanks for your reply, If I can blog at least once a week and get a couple of replies, that’ll do for me.
      Take care XX

  3. I’m always interested Arlene, I just get caught up with life ……

    • I know it happens, same here, but many thanks for dropping by and responding, I appreciate it.

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