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Bye, bye

Owing to lack of interest in this blog I won’t be posting on it any more, IF anyone should by chance wish to see what I’m up to I shall be continuing, for a while anyway, on Blogspot, where a few loyal followers still keep up with me, Thanks for your past comments and interest  /


  1. Michael

    I suggest that you be patient. It takes some time to establish your blog. Stick to this if you can. More readers will pick up your blog as time goes by. See you …… 👍

  2. Hi Arlene sorry to hear this , but I will keep following you on Blogspot. I am always interested in reading what you have been up to , in your part of the Country. Have a lovely day catch you later.
    Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

    • Thanks Sheila, I know you will in your other self, I’d hate to lose you and Wile-e hugs from we3XX

  3. So sad to see you go Arlene, I don’t blog that much myself now days either as not much interest being shown……

    • I am sorry you too have apparently hit the dreaded ‘brick wall’ I’ll keep an eye open for anything you do post, and thank you for being my friend.

  4. Had a feeling you might be doing something like this. Well I shall be very sorry to see you go. We’ve been friends for a long time. But you must do what is best for you, and I can’t say I haven’t almost done the same thing just recently. But then I realised I would be giving up some great friends and it would be my loss rather than theirs if I did shut down. I will try to catch up with you on blogspot, but as you may have noticed I only get over there occasionally. I prefer this site and that one get zilch interest most of the time. Apart from “Moonwolf Watching” which is clocking over 6000 views to date but no actual interest on anything vaugely recent so…Till we meet again…have fun on blogspot and i hope your loyal friends and followers give you what your friends over here could not. Take care Arlene 🙂 😦

    • Thank you Wolfie, and I can count you as being about my oldest friend still keeping in contact, I won’t forget you and will visit as though I don’t always understand your posts, there’s usually something I can relate to. If I had even half as many followers as you I would’t be taking this step, but i’ll carry my ramblings on in Blogspot as I said, no use keeping two going as they were the same anyway, Do please pop into Blogspot occasionally, even if just to say Hi. Hugs and best wishes from we three, BTW Tango is going in for an op on 23rd April to have a cyst removed. 😦 but I’ll keep it updated on Facebook or Blogspot.

      • Hey! No worries Arlene…you can’t get rid of me that easily you know!! See you on blogger!
        And we’re not yet friends on F/bk so I won’t be able to keep up with your updates from there 🙂 So make sure you update Blogspot about Tango,,, and hope all goes well with him on 23rd 🙂

      • Thanks again Wolfie, I’m not into FB as much in fact if I wasn’t so darn nosey I wouldn’t go back to it at all, but I’ve got a lot of dog mates on there so like to see what’s happening. i’ll update on Tango on Blogspot, heard some bad news last night, his brother was PTS on Wed, don’t know if I mentioned but his sister Zyma who was kept by Dot [breeder] died just after Crufts, I’d spoken to Dot at Crufts and she siad all the dogs were fine. Scary that’s two in three weeks, there’s only Tango and one brother Jaffa left.

  5. i will follow you to blogspot. i hate to see you go, but i understand. my current situation has made it hard for me to have access to my computer until today, when i was able to move it to a more convenient location … i.e. where i am!
    i need to pay more attention to my own blogspot 😉

    • And you did Kirsten, 🙂 I’m delighted.

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