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What, no messages !?

I came home the other day and as usual checked my answer- phone, it was flashing, so I pressed the ‘play’ button, again, and again, it just wouldn’t connect, I tapped and thumped and jiggled it from one side to the other, but no joy it just would not give up my message, How dare it, it’s MY message and I have every right to hear it, it could be important, maybe some long lost relative has died and I’m heiress to a fortune, or maybe I’ve been invited to Buckingham palace to dine with Her Maj. I’ve got to know, NOW.

Eventually it reluctantly gave up the message, and no, it wasn’t anything exciting, but then I noticed the light that told me the machine was working, wasn’t, I tried accessing the message again and the machine held out on me. The same thing happened the next time there was a message. i realized that things weren’t quite right. i phoned the telephone company [BT] and explained the problem, I was asked the make and model of the phones I was told “ sorry, it’s an old model and we don’t mend them ‘’ It’s only about five years old I said, so can’t I have a replacement answerphone only, ‘’not for that model, you have to buy a complete set’’ I’ve got four phones plus ans’phone. and was not amused, I could not believe that a whole set of phones could be dumped simply for the sake of a little button , ridiculous!

I spent the day on the internet searching for a new deal with the same set up I had, the sheer number of makes and models was bewildering, but after a day and a half I managed to get a whole new outfit from E-bay, refurbished for half price, just over £40 incl P&P, OK it was quite a bargain, but it’s forty odd quid I could have done without spending. This throwaway society is getting out of hand.

I got the new contraption up and running next day and feel it was money spent for nothing new, just a replacement. it’s all wrong.


  1. Hi Wolfie, nice to see a friendly ‘face’ as you can see you are the only commentator to this post, so you can gather by that, yes I have become disillusioned, it just seems a pointless exercise I try to put interesting posts [well I think they are anyhow] but no one is interested, I have followed many bloggers, making comments on their posts but many never make any return comments, not even a ‘thanks for visiting’ many of them putting the most inane and basic posts yet have about 20+ comments.
    The few followers I did have, for some reason have disappeared. My Blogspot blog only attracted 4 comments on this same post, so I thought I’ll just blog as and when I feel like it, I will not pretend I am not disappointed, as I thoroughly enjoyed thinking up stuff to write about, be it the dogs, or just things that happened, but simply a waste of time, I’ve been on FB a bit, but it isn;’t half as satisfying as blogging so don’t do much on there either. but thanks for being my friend all this time. I haven’t given up completely, just watch this space. Take care and thanks again for asking.

  2. Hey Arlene! What happened? Where’ve you gone? I’ve been away from all this blogging lark for a bit so maybe I missed something…or did you like I become throroughly disillusioned with it all?

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