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Crufts to-morrow

I’ve got a bit of catching up to do with some sites, sorry folks but … real excuse, just procrastination. Anyhow I won’t be around tomorrow as I’m off to Crufts THE dog show, looking forward to it, but not the 4 am rise and three hour drive to Birmingham, but it will be worth it when I get there,  It’s lovely meeting up with old friends and watching some work. These are la crème de la crème of Obedience dogs, the best in the world, I just wish I’d tried harder with Tango and , who knows? I just might have made it with him, he had {IMO}  the ability, but I was both too lazy and not ambitious enough., he got pretty close though, oh well, hindsight is easy. I still have the best dog of the bunch. My friends are coming to sit with Him and Ruby to-morrow, he’ll like that as he loves people and being made a fuss of.

I’m taking them out in ten minutes, come back to bathe and wash my hair, and bed by 9 pm and won’t get back home till about 8 pm, a long day. My son in law Martin is accompanying me, I won’t do the drive on my own anymore, it’s just too much in one day, I realized that last time I went, I felt like I could easily have fallen asleep on the motorway.

If I’m not too tired i’ll post up to-morrow evening, till then be good.


  1. You must do a post on your cat show Wolfie. I don’t think I’ll be doing Crufts next year, it’s just so tiring now, but we’ll see. I hope you weren’t too disappointed at not seeing your Aunt, 91! wow, that’s a good age, and deserves a visit.
    You’re really going to be busy with all these shows, and doing blogs on them for us will be interesting. I know I have a few moans about not having enough followers, sometimes I do wonder why, but then TBH I wouldn’t have time to keep up. Lady Pen found that, and is finding it difficult to come back. But I’m always here for you, as you are about my oldest ‘customer’ I’m sacrificing telly time to try and catch up.:-))

  2. Have a great day, and may the best doggie win…..

    • Thank you, and I did, and I’d have preffered a different dog to have won, but, that’s life. 🙂

  3. Have a fantastic day Arlene! I have to work tomorrow so I wouldn’t be able to make it. It’d be far too late by the time I got up there, but I will be going to the London Pet Show at Earls Court in May, same weekend as the Windsor Horse Show so I will be juggling days trying to get the best of both worlds and be totally exhausted at the end of it!! The London Pet Show has a lot of the elements of Crufts and the kennel club being involved means it’s a bit like a mini crufts in the dog section so will compensate for missing it 🙂 I’ll also get to see my friends from the Cat Show last year, and happening again next Saturday so hope to get lots of piccies 🙂 Look forward to hearing all about Crufts when you get back and have recovered!! Have fun!

    • Hi Wolfie, sorry to be late, but I’ve had a bit of catching up to do, lots of emails way down the list that should have been answered have I think dropped off the bottom of the list, so apologies if I’ve missed anything.
      Pity you couldn’t make Crufts, but no doubt you’ll enjoy the Pets and horses, animals is animals !
      Don’t forget to take your camera and let us see the pics.
      Thanks for dropping by.

      • No problem Arlene…I figured Crufts had wiped you out! It wiped the floor with me…literally! lol 😉 But I was getting a little bit impatient waiting to hear about the big day and hopefully see lots of piccies 🙂
        I nearly ended up going! Got the ok from my parents to go up for my Aunts 91st “do” then got told the next day they’d changed their minds and were crying off. I think due to having bronchitis and not wanting to risk still being unwell and passing onto a 91 yr old.Figured if I didn’t need train fare to Manchester I could use it to go to Crufts instead, and it would cheer me up, but work commitments and all that…got a cat show to go to next Saturday though!!! Yes…I know 😉 Hopefully make Crufts next year! Maybe I’ll do a Cat Show blog next then the London Pet show…then Windsor Horse show…then…then I’ll have no followers left!! They will have given up on me!! Apart from you maybe 🙂 😉

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