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My Invitation

This morning I got an invitation, no,  not to a party nor Buckingham Palace, but… renew my car insurance,  I love the way they write to you.   Dear Mrs Phillips Then they thank me for insuring with them for the past twelve months, I should think they should thank me, I’m paying for their holidays and  their over inflated salaries, aren’t I? They then inform me that they are DELIGHTED to confirm my details for the next 12 months, why in heavens name should they be delighted, ? not unless they take for granted that I am going to renew it again so they can have more jollies and possibly a new kitchen .   I’m not DEEElighted, why should I be, when they want to charge me an extra five twenty pound notes, yes. ONE HUNDRED POUNDS for the same service, and , I have to pay the first £250 if I do want to claim.  I haven’t asked them for one penny,  nor advice, help, or   for even so much as a Hello, how are you in the past year, so why I have to give them even more of my hard earned money is a downright liberty and daylight robbery. Methinks I’ll be spending my  hard won leisure time trawling the ‘net looking for a better ‘party’ to be invited to.


  1. Sounds like you’re on a real downer there Arlene…. Do something nice and relaxing and chat with some friends, that always works for me…..

    • I’ll be doing that Thursday and Friday Angel, but I still have to come back and face the comparison sites to fix a cost for the darn thing, trouble is it’s [as you are aware] a legal requirement.

  2. Hi there Kirsten, nice to see you back. The reason the cost has gone up so much is because of the claims for silly little injuries like whiplash that can’t be proved, and the lawyers with the ‘no win no fee’ mantra, but the Government is looking into it as it’s been getting out of hand.

  3. This problem occurs every year at insurance renewal time with my friend’s bike. And every year we go on a hunt for a new insurer usually saving around £100 each time. These insurers are nuts! Don’t know how they keep their customers long term if they insist on bumping up the prices like that!!

    • I’d been quite happy with the cost till now \wolfie, been with them for about four years, and hadn’t found better, but \i’m going looking this week and if \i can’t best it, I’ll be advertising my dog training skills [?] for a fee. 🙂

  4. why do they want to charge you more money for the same service? ive been out of touch for a bit, so maybe i missed something, but that seems really not right!
    still, im glad to back saying helloo to everyone!

    • Sorry to be so late \kirsten, anyhow I managed to get a quote over £100 less, the reason they are putting up the insurance is becuase of the sheer amount of claims, and not all of them honest, things like whiplash that can’t be easily proven or not. so the honest take the flak.
      Nice to see you back, don’t stay away too long next time.

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