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It all falls flat

Damn, damn, damn, after yesterday’s little spurt and getting all fired up to really make a big dent in the garden chores, it’s all gone pear shaped, why’s that ? you ask, well two reasons, One is that it’s a good deal chillier and pretty dull and overcast….. and Two  is that I didn’t sleep too well last night and took half a sleeping pill around 3 am and slept till gone eight. I took the dogs out and did some shopping which meant I didn’t get back till around noon, as  I ‘d a finished the pot of soup I made  the other day, I had to cook from scratch,  more time gone, …………by the time I’d cooked and eaten it was 1.30 pm, feeling  tired after last night’s disturbance and just had to get my head down for a little nap, it’s our dancing night to-night and I wanted to be fresh, I re-surfaced at 2.30 pm feeling a bit woozy, so had to sit and collect my stray thoughts. What do I have to do to-day, ?  I remember,  my hair has to be washed and fresh clothes to be sorted.,  also wanted to put the dogs bedding through the wash, so what do I do, get out the laptop and had a good moan to my friends in blogland. , also it lets you know I’m not the superhuman I made out to be.  :-))

Ah well, there’s always to-morrow, now I feel it’s time for a cuppa. Cheers


  1. Good to see you got your priorities right and popped into Blogland! Nevermind about what else needs doing 😉 This is far more important!

    • All very well Wolfie, but even Blogland is at times a bit of a time waster, I came on here to-night first to check emails and add a few sentences to my Life story, haven’t got very far and Prisoner’s Wives is on shortly. I’m giving FB a miss to make up.

  2. Just that peep of sunshine is enough to get the ambition of getting cracking, but then when it hides away again all our get up and go goes with it.

    • Couldn’t agree more Anne, but isn’t it annoying, it’s been such a long miserable unproductive winter. Hope you are settling in at your new home and things are looking brighter for you, i won’t be coming in to FB much, as I find it too difficult to keep up with, but drop by from time to time please.

  3. Oops don’t think that posted right ! Hope you got it ok. Time for cuppa for me too I think !!!! xxMarjie xx

  4. So glad I am not the only one that couldn’t get going today !! Amazing what a difference a nice bit of sunshine makes, I had good intentions like you, but fiddle- faddled all day ! Hope you have a better night. and sleep well. xx Marjie. Xx

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