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Zip-a-de-do-da, zip-a-deday….

Remember that song?     zippadeday, my oh my what a wonderful day, tra-la, Jiminy Cricket in Pinnochio if I remember right.

Well it’s been like that here to-day folks, from when the sun got going around 10 am till another glorious sunset at 5.30 pm.

I got up around 7.30 am as usual and after the usual morning tedium, took the dogs out for a walk along the beach, it was not exactly crowded, but there were more folks than usual, strolling in the sunshine with kids and dogs. I must have stopped at least six times as folk often remark on Ruby doing her sheep herding with her bottle, one man even took photos of her crouching, and Tango carrying his plastic bottle, that always invites a comment or two, people think it’s so cute, I tell them either it’s actually MY Gin and Tonic, or I if they’ve got kids I say he’s selling water at 1p a slurp, they look as if they don’t know whether I’m kidding or not. 🙂

Home time after a good two hour stroll, a quick bite to eat and then out in the garden. It’s lovely having this early spring keyhole, it let’s you catch up with stuff that needs doing before the real work of the garden e.g. planting.

I had a large compost bin, but it was becoming a bit of a superfluity [?] so I decided to empty it out spread the compost around and pass on the bin.

I had started before Christmas but didn’t get very far, but between yesterday and to-day I finished the job, there must have been about a ton of compost to shift.  The bin was in sections, so I dismantled that and put an advert in the local newsagent, FREE TO GOOD GARDNER., so far no takers but I’m not too bothered I’m convinced it will go.

I cleaned up the area which is slabs but some jasmine had taken a strong root feeding on the compost and getting under the flagstones, so a lot had to be taken up to get rid of it. Job done though,  I tidied up the edges to the fence and re-gravelled them and after a good brush it all looks tickety boo, I feel so pleased with myself, a good job out of the way.

If the weather is as good as they’ve forecast, I should catch up with some more chores, The lawns need mowing and a big job the flagstones in the dog area need pressure washing, I’ve got a headache just thinking about it, but it’s got to be done before the hot weather, One half is in shade and gets a heavy growth of algae and when it’s wet gets very slippery, so it’s a must for that reason alone. Any offers of help??

Well that’s it for now folks, it’s all or nothing with me, isn’t it?  Ha, ha,


  1. Sunshine and hot weather always raises enthusiasm…I’ve been burning up my sunny energy entertaining my landlord’s kitten now she is able to go outside after her jabs. She has an endless supply of mischevious energy and likes to be involved with everything! She’s also got me figured out as a playmate…exhausting activity it is!!

    • Ahh what bliss to have time to sit and play with a kitty, how I wish, but you make sure you keep these big Wolfie claws well sheathed. we don’t want any little ‘mishaps’ now do we. 🙂

  2. I hadn’t heard of that one Angelwings, but it sounds like just the ticket when there’s a job to be done.

  3. Arlene I am quite worn oiut just reading what you have been up to ! Where do you get your energy from ?? Enjoy yoour week x Marjie x

    • Hi Marjie Believe me these energy spurts only come when the weather is good and by the weather we’ve been having lately not all that often, but I admit I do enjoy them. hugs XX

  4. Get mowing with Victor and zip through the day…. Just an add they had on the telly way back when.. You seem really energized Arlene…Good luck with it all.

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