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Last night and to-day


Last night was awful! I went to bed at pretty much the usual time around 10.30 pm,, the previous night I’d finished reading a Biography, Jenny Bond , who was the Royal Correspondent , it was OK, I started a new book ..Into The Darkest Corner, by Elizabeth Haynes, her first  novel and highly acclaimed. It’s a thriller, a subject I don’t usually read, as I don’t feel like having to tax my brain at bedtime, which is almost the only time I read nowadays.

Well I read until gone midnight, it was quite a page turner, though written in a sort of diary format.  Eventually I made myself put it down and settled to sleep, ……………and couldn’t, I lay for a while then decided to sit and read for a while longer. As I sat up…..wooooooooooo the room started to rock , oh no, –   an attack of vertigo. I don’t know if you’ve ever had one, if so you’ll know how scary it is. I lay back down and hoped it would go away, I realized after a while I’d have to spend a penny, I got up and staggered to the toilet, bouncing off the walls.  I’d been prescribed  Stemetil so I fumbled for them and took one, willing myself to sleep, the last time I saw registered on the clock was 4 am.  I woke as usual about 7 am. I still felt a bit delicate, so took another Stemetil and got up. Fed the dogs and had a wash,, I didn’t dare have a bath or shower. , breakfasted and after a leisurely morning took the dogs out at around 10 am.  I got home around 11.30, still feeling tired and a bit wrung out, so snuggled up in the chair and dozed off till 1 am, It did me good as I felt a bit more normal. had some soup and a sandwich for lunch. made a cake and went into the garden to test the weather.  The weathermen said it would be much milder and they were right. I went into the shed collected shears and loppers and set about pruning the bushes  and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I worked in the garden till around  4.30 and Tango, who’d been asleep indoors came out and let me know that it was time for our evening walk, Pity, as I was really enjoying myself, as it’s the first attack on the garden I’d done for months and it felt good.

I’ve got some lady friends from the dancing club over to-morrow so I won’t get any more done till the weekend, and that will depend on the weather. So that’s it folks. A grotty night and morning but the day finished on a good note, Look after yourselves and keep smiling.

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  1. I had vertigo once from an ear infection, gosh it’s terrible when you feel as if the room is spinning…. Hope you’ve come right by now….

    • Hi Lady Jude, yes thanks I feel normal again, it’s such a nuisance as you don’t know when it will hit you, but I just forget it and get on with things. lovely to see you. I hope you stay Vertigo free too X

  2. Hello Arlene, that sounds pretty nasty, I have never had a vertigo attack like that but I do come over very “funny” with heights. Never used to, it all started when I was on holiday in Canada and visited the CN Tower, I did not know that there was a glass floor and had the shock of my life when I looked down !! ever since then I just “freeze” if i am high up anywhere — most infuriating ! I hope that you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the nice weather we are supposed to be getting xx

    • Hi Marjie, the feeling you get with Vertigo is like coming off a very fast merry go round, you can’t focus on anything it leaps all over the place , your balance is gone and you feel and can be quite sick, not pleasant. The first time it happened to me it was during the night I thought I’d had a stroke, it’s never been quite so bad as that and I don’t get as scared now I know what it is,
      Hope your weather is improving and you too enjoy the weekend..fingers crossed it will be nice weather.

  3. Aww…sorry to hear you’ve had something of a rough ride…sounds nasty. But good to know you’re feeling more like yourself again and were able to get out in the garden. The fresh air probabl did you good. Take care and enjoy the weekend 🙂

    • Yes Wolfie, I’m all Ok again and back to my usual self, raring to get into the garden. Enjoy your weekend too.

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