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A parking matter part two

I intended posting this yesterday but got tied up, But, I went back via car to the parking spot, I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d see Mr. Know all, as I was a bit later. but as chance would have it, just as I got the dogs out of the car he drove down the road. I waited till he turned round, [he had to cut the turn short] and I waved him to open his window,  and asked if I could have a word.


I asked him if he was the person who remonstrated with me about the parking and he said yes, well I didn’t want to have a go at the wrong person. I told him that I had investigated his accusation about me parking illegally and saying it was in the Highway code, I told him I looked it up on the internet but  could see nothing that confirmed this, so I phoned the Police station for clarification.

He looked a trifle uneasy, and said that he didn’t say it was in the Highway code as a ruling but as a courtesy and consideration to other road users, quick thinking on his part eh? I told him that it was not in there in any shape nor form and the Police were quite adamant that as long as I wasn’t parking on lines/blocking drives/in front of schools etc, I was perfectly at liberty to park there,  Mr Know all was still trying to say that it was parking with inconsideration to the convenience of other users. I got fed up with his blustering and told him that the Police were quite happy to explain the situation to him. and … if it became an incident they would make consideration to making the road permit only. He drove off a defeated man.

I had trouble in the past with people on two other disputes parking in the side streets.   One man came out of his house on three occasions to ‘have a go’ because he thought I was too close to his house, and he had to struggle to turn into his drive. He was so abusive I stopped parking there and moved down to the next road.  It was even worse, after about two evenings a  man came out and told me in no uncertain terms to  bu***r off.  He said he was in the Neighbourhood watch and was concerned that I was ‘casing’ the empty house near where I parked, we had a few words  and then he  reached in and grabbed the car keys, lucky for him my GSD was in the back. I got so annoyed I made a complaint to the police about both sets of problems.  The called on the households and then got in touch to tell me that I was not being a nuisance where I parked and was at liberty to do so, they also asked if I wanted to press charges against the one who grabbed the keys, but I said just let it drop. When I moved down to the current stopping place I couldn’t see that there could be any trouble, how wrong was I ? all sorted now anyway.

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  1. Read your two posts on your parking problem, I have a great deal of trouble with people parking and blocking me in, we live near a school, and for some reason school parents seem to think they have the right to park where ever they like because they are ” only going to be 10mins”. We live around a village green, and had to pay £2000.00 to have our driveway resurfaced, now we have even more trouble as cars are actually parking on the drive and not just blocking it ! However I do feel sympathy for you when you are obviously not stopping anyone from getting in or out of their drive, I guess that there are some people who want the whole of their road to themselves !! Enjoy your dog walking, lovely weather for it at present x

    • I can understand your frustration Marjie, and I would never park anywhere that I knew was either illegal or inconvenient for anyone else., I’d have a hard job keeping my cool should anyone do it to me. and it’s true that this guy simply wanted the convenience of doing a ‘wheelie’ in the junction.. Yes dog walking is a pleasure in this weather, not too hot, and quite fresh if you don’t linger. 🙂

  2. SandySays1

    Arlene, I hate to say it but you’re finding out about your species. The saying goes that there is a human “sucker” born every minute. What you’ve discovered is there is a “rectal aperture” born right with the suckers.

    • Yes you’re right, he was one of those .

  3. Wolfie, when you are only 5 foot tall and not exactly built like a wrestler, you have to be able to stick up for yourself.
    The results would not have been pretty had Tarky babe 🙂 had been able to get at him.

  4. Well I never , if your GSD had been in the front seat it could have been nasty, but then again I think he would have thought twice. The cheek of it actually taking your keys phew!
    Hope you are set to have a good week Arlene but no disruptions. Sheila and Wile-e xx

    • I am glad that Tarc wasn’t in a position to take action, it could have been nasty, and judges don’t often wish to hear the dog’s side and can be quick to condemn.
      With the lighter evenings it’s easier to go back to the beach and park in the usual car park.
      I’m looking forward to the warmer weather they have predicted for us Sheila, might even be able to get some gardening done. Hugs to all from we 3.

      • The Lighter evenings are great Arlene and to get out in the garden will be a great bonus. I am just managing getting over my long winded cold and cough now. Phew it sure has taken the winds out of my sails. I have lots of Primroses I bought beginning of the month so I will get them in quick now. That beach run will do you all good hope you enjoy this weeks weather looking good. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

  5. I just LOVE the way you stand up to these idiots and send them packing with their tails between their legs! The arrogance of some people though! I would love to have seen the results if your GSD had been in the front of the car in that particular incident!

    • Hi Sheila I am looking forward to some flower therapy, I feel it’s been too long since I got my hands dirty. My snowdrops and crocus’ are all blooming nicely, it seems a long time since I planted them, the daffs are resting as they shot too quick. but I’m hoping they haven’t been frost damaged. Take it steady with your planting, as you don’t want to bring on your cough again, the winds can still catch you unawares. I am enjoying the beach walks of late, even Tango has a new spring in his step.Hugs to you and Wile-e from we 3 X

    • Hi Wolfie, I don’t think it would have been a pretty sight had Tarc got his pearlies into the guys flesh, had he been stupid enough to try.

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