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A Parking matter.

I had to call the police station to-day to get clarification on a parking matter.

In the evening I often take the dogs down a longish Avenue which has several roads leading off mostly with dead ends.


The blue arrow is my route and I park down at the bottom as shown by the blue box, [I enjoyed doing the map, so humour me]  I either walk to the cliff top or take the other route alongside the fence and up to the path that leads to a nice green area with trees etc., I have posted this area before some time ago, it’s a nice walk for the dogs, clean and dry with lighting , there are gardens on either side and small house roads.

To get back to the story, The other week as I parked, a car came driving down, did a three point before the end and back up the road and parked half way along where the red arrow is. I didn’t think much of it, The other evening I took the dogs out as usual around 4,30 and parked as usual, I did notice the car come down behind me and it stopped near the end, I got the dogs out of the car and he wound down his window and shouted that i shouldn’t be parking there . I looked around and said, I see no yellow lines single nor double, what is the problem, It’s against the Highway Code, and if an emergency vehicle came down it couldn’t turn, quoth he. I looked again and said, there wouldn’t be space for anything larger than a car to turn here, but he wasn’t having any, he ranted a while longer and i said I’d check it out but I was leaving my car there till I’m told I can’t, he revved up his car and flew up the road, and parked half way up, I think that was his house.

Now I’ve been driving for 40+ years and haven’t checked out the Highway Code since I took my test, so thought I’d best read up on it. , not having a copy, I looked it up on the internet, I couldn’t really see anything that showed me whether I was right or wrong, so phoned the local Police station, telling the tale.

As it turns out, there is no law against me parking where I do, as the officer says, he probably just didn’t like his little bit of road being sat on , and it saved him doing a normal 3 ;point turn. and if he made any issue of it, to get back in touch with the police and they will deal with it,… YES so in a mo I’m going off down there and will do so for as long as I want to. Watch this space.

though it wasn’t the first time I’ve had ruck with these little Englishmen in their castle types, one actually reached in and tried to take the keys out of the ignition, ! but that’s another story.



  1. If he hassles you Arlene just call the Police, you’re in the right… He just wants to use it for a turning area…..

  2. I parked there this evening Wolfie, and I saw the object of my post, will blog it later. keep you guessing 😉

  3. Oooh hooo! Arlene the rebel! lol 😉 I would park there as often as you can whether you need to or not just to really wind him up! lol 😉

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