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Just a quickie

Hi , just a quickie to let you know I’m still in the land of the living, been busy and been bored, not necessarily in that order, also been very cold, and wanted nothing more than just to hibernate. Today is much milder, in fact after the minus degrees of the past two weeks it feels positively tropical at 7 degrees, and they say to-morrow will be even warmer., yippppeee, maybe Spring is at last on it’s way.

Last Wednesday (8th) was my younger daughter’s birthday, so I’ll pop up a couple of pics, it was a ‘big one’ as they say, but I’ll leave you to figure out how big, as I don’t want to get lynched just in case she reads this.


I give you my heart Mum,

Craig [son] with his girl friend Jade

Daughter Rhianna at the back


Jason and Karen


Now what do you think upset her 🙂


With her big sister Arlene



However as you will all know that to-day is Valentines day, and when shopping in the local Supermarket, it was touching to see lots of males buying flowers most surely for their loved ones, and it came to me, again., as it does every year, that I have never, ever received a valentine card. despite two husbands and my modest share of boy friends. .

I wonder what this says about me, or maybe it’s their failing. Oh well I’ve survived this long so it can’t be the end of the world, Maybe I’ll have ‘My Funny Valentine‘ played at my funeral to redress the balance 🙂

In case there are any more sad sacks like me out there, let me send you a Valentine and wish you all the love in the world.



  1. As in “getting your hair off with some unlucky bod” lol 🙂 And no…the bracelet wasn’t at all valuable but I like to think it’s the thought that counted…sort of!! A lot of people seem to be “taking breaks” from W/P or suffering long term illnesses at the moment. Must be the weather and no staying power! Not at all like us 🙂 Don’t worry it will pick up. Chip’s back in action btw 🙂

    • Yes I saw Chip was recovered, he e-mailed me a joke I’m busy writing my life story just now, for my family, so it’s keeping me quite busy and stopping me fretting over my lack of friends, Lord above when I think of the blood sweat and tears I put into my posts and get two replies, I despair. boo hoo, yet others can write about six lines of nothingness and get about forty replies, there is no justice. LOL Bedtime with a glass of ,milk, g’night.

      • Think “quality not quantity!” Night night 🙂

  2. Oh dear Wolfie, nearly landing in hot water eh? can’t leave you alone for a minute can we now, well I’m glad it’s all sorted with no comeback.
    Liked my photos my little girls then? thank you.
    Now when you say Valentine’s day was spent ‘rowing’ do you mean as in a boat, or getting your hair off with some unlucky bod?
    Made me chuckle on your wrong sex valentine card, hee, hee, but getting a bracelet made up for it surely, hope it was a valuable one. don’t expect so though.
    Nice to hear from you I haven’t been blogging much, hardly seems worth the effort, peple have been deserting in their droves, all on FB I expect, though i do admit to spending a bit of time on their myself,
    catch you later.

  3. Finally arrived on catch up! Nearly landed myself up in hot water on blogger with copyrights…just as well for Wolfie the person concerned was very kind and understanding about my little discrepancy! I consider myself a very lucky wolfie tho I shall certainly be more careful in future!! Lovely photos you’ve posted 🙂 Valentines day definately wasn’t a thrill a minute, in fact most of it was spent rowing! Never had much joy on it either, I did get a lovely card one year tho, from one of my staff at the time, a lovely young man who knew very little English…the card was “to my husband!!!!!” Oh well you can’t win them all! He gave me a lovely bracelet to go with it and I never had the heart to tell him husband meant man!!! Ok…well Wolfie is shattered, and it’s time for a little snooze…nighty night Arlene 🙂

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