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Wasted time

Apart from being able to get the dogs out this morning I have spent the day waiting for a parcel to be picked up, I gave it to my neighbour while I walked the dogs and took it back when the pick ups never arrived, I should have gone to Art club, but put it off, fortunately my daughter came up to keep me company and we did have a good afternoon, Now she has gone home, at 4 pm and the parcel is still here.

The dogs are starting to get the fidgets as it’s walkies time for them again and it will be dark in about 3/ 4 hour it’s also bitterly cold and the temperature is falling. I’m not a happy bunny.

When I requested a pick up I asked for an approximate time which of course they couldn’t give me. You would think they could at least make a quick phone call when it gets to around 2 pm just to let people know that they still have you on their list, I can see someone is going to get a helping of Tongue Pie if this isn’t picked up soon.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. “Tongue pie”!! lol Oh dear Arlene, not having a good time of it are you?! Know how you feel with the falling temperatures…same here and it’s going down to -5 deg’s tonight …BrrrrrRRR!!! Stay safe and warm, roll on the warmer weather! 🙂

    • I thought we were getting away with a reasonably mild winter, but Mother Nature likes to keep us in our place Wolfie, doesn’t she just, we might get some snow come Monday, DON’T LIKE IT !

  2. Really frustrating waiting for something or someone to arrive. Time seems to drag !! We spent nearly all day waiting in for a parcel our neighbour was expecting, she eventually came round and said that the parcel had been delivered but to the neighbour on the other side of her, what a wasted day ! Still at least we were warm and snug in front of our lovely fire ! Hope Tango & Ruby are still well xxx

    • Hi Marjie, thanks for comment, I was pleased when he came at last as it wasn’t a cheap item and I wanted proof of it being picked up. I’m all snug and warm now, sitting in my PJ’s after a nice hot bath and supper. More hugs from my two who are in fine fettle now. {{{{hugs}}}}

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