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Dwinkies ? No thanks

As promised I have come back to let you know how things progressed after my little episode last night. Well I settled into bed with my book, after a while felt sleepy and tucked in and thought I’d drop of, NO! I couldn’t sleep despite dropping the book a couple of times earlier, I got up again picked up my book and tried to re-enact the bedtime ritual, I eventually  drop off till around 1 am, had another read after trying to sleep, got up had a glass of milk and a biscuit with a couple of Paracetamol  dropped off fitfully woke up again around 4 am, tossed and turned and decided then to have half a sleeping pill, a short read and slept till 7.30 am, my sleep was definitely laced with mild hallucinations, I felt uneasy and very uncomfortable. I got up at 8 am feeling not too bad. After breakfast and household chores, had a good beach walk and felt much better, Having now had lunch I feel quite sleepy, I think it’s caught up with me, so bang goes any plans for anything that requires effort for at least a couple of hours.

BTW the Sloe Gin went down the drain. 


  1. They say alcohol is a stimulant, and often makes it hard to sleep. Down the drain best place for it!
    I do like Japanese plum wine, but not the buzz that comes with it …

    • Well Kirsten I sure found that out last night, i’ve got a job keeping my eyes open now ad it’s only 7.30 pm .
      The wine tasted quite nice though and I expect your Japanese concoction does too, but it’s the afte kick that’s the downside.

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