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Dwinkies anyone

Last Autumn I picked some Sloe berries for a friend to make Sloe Gin, then I forgot about it, On Monday, she came over to me at dancing class and handed me a small bottle saying, “thought you might like to have a taste of the Sloe Gin I made from your berries” Thank you, I said and took it home. Now i don’t drink , not because I’m

Technorati Tags: Sloe gin,wine,drinka goody two shoes, but simply because I’ve been there and had my share of getting what we call smashed, gradually I realized it didn’t really agree with me, I first get feeling nice and friendly, then woozy and want to crawl under a chair and go to sleep. If i ignored this and carried on I simply got sick, and woke up with a bad hangover. So apart from the fact I don’t go out clubbing any more, and drive every day, I just got out of the need or opportunity to drink.

Back to the Sloe gin, A couple of times in the week I looked at the bottle, and considered it, but shelved the idea until to-night, well I only had half a glass and with a flushed face and heavy eyes I’m having a job to stay awake, but thought I’d just let you know about my descent into decadence. altogether now ……..awwwwwwwwwww. , thank you.

I’m shutting down now and crawling off to bed, will catch up with you to-morrow, that is provided I haven’t got a hangover. I was going to change my blog but that’ll keep. G’night Hic…


  1. Really Arlene! How very nawti of you!!

    • I know Wolfie, but I’ve paid the price. 😦

  2. We all have to let our hair down sometimes Arlene, and if you let yourself down by getting squiffy at least you were at home with no witnesses ! Have a good week Marjie x
    (this is the 3rd time I have tried to comment on here. I hope it dosn’t appear three times )

    • No only appeared once Marjie, but I was posting so maybe that blocked it, anyhow, it’s the last squiffy I’ll be having for a while. don’t like the feeling of not being in control. BUT I admit to it being part of the fun of growing up in the sixties. LOL

  3. I look back at picking the berries with some nostalgia Kirsten, as it was around September and if it’s mild, my favourite time of the year, Season of mellow mists and fruitfulness and all that.

  4. Oh Arlene wondering how you are feeling today. I am just getting over a bad cold having taken whiskey lemon honey and hot water, seeing as I can’t take drink any more felt like that last night. Hope you have a good relaxing Sunday.
    Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

    • I hope you’re cold is gone Sheila, even though it’s not life threatening, it’s one of the most miserable experiences to have to endure. Keep well and keep warm hugs to Wile-e, an keep him warm too

  5. ya have had my own experiences, most of which werent that great. i rather shoot the glass of whatever than drink it. colored water works just as well. but! it must have been fun picking the berries!

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