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Not a lot to say

As I have my daughter [Arlene]and martin hubby coming up tonight I thought I’d just do a very quick blog, as I’ve got some tidying up to do beforehand. so what’s new about that??

It’s a bright sunny day here after a really wet start, I was lucky to miss the rain as I went out later to-day , I went to the library to change my books, I had taken out 6 historical novels of the Tudor period, but unfortunately I got a bit jaded with them,  so hopefully to-day’s choice will be more satisfying.  One of the stores is closing down and I bought some bits and pieces cheap, a couple of bird feeders and I was pleased with a new baking tray cut down by 30%, good bargain.

I want to bake the cookies that Sheila had put up but only had one baking tray, so now I’ve no excuse.

I am going to do a bread and butter pudding, and I will be careful not to drop this one. Smile  I’ve taken some of last years blackberries from the freezer, and I’ll add them for a change, served with some ice cream it should be a tasty pud.

Well apart from the battery running down I do have a lot to do so I’ll close for now, be well and keep warm.

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  1. Hope the evening an meal were a success for you Arlene…

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