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A day at the beach /video

I’m experimenting with uploading a video, so be patient with me if it doesn’t work, it’s my friend Sue with the dogs at the beach .about 18 months ago, not last January as in caption, as Ruby isn’t there and I had her last January 2011

At the beach January 2011


  1. Hi Arlene.
    At last I made it here. I could not connect when I clicked on your link. A servey from youtube kept popping up. Any way Timid one…(errrr wolfie to you) left me a link and so like magic I am here 🙂 Like the video’s Clavell tower looks interesting and the kid trying to lead the dog was funny.
    I shall linger a while longer here and have a sniff about. I hope I don’t find anything norty lol.
    Fond regards
    Kenny 🙂

    • My first attempt at a video upload Kenny so maybe I didn’t do something right.
      BTW if you find anything ‘norrty’ do let me know as I’d love to see it, make my night it would :-))

  2. They certainly enjoyed themselves! Love the way they came back in almost surfing on the waves towards the end 😉 Obviously having fun!
    I’ve only had one experience of taking dogs out by the sea…he’d hurt his foreleg and though it was recovering he limped a fair bit but I thought the sea salt would help the wound. He loved it and also the attention he discovered he could attract by playing up his poorly leg limp! lol 😉

    • They did enjoy it Wolfie, Tango doesn’t swim but loves a good splash about, I hope he’s well enough to do it again when the weather gets warmer.
      The sea salt is supposed to be good for wounds, I expect it is as it’s a good anti septic

  3. CatsRuS

    What a lovely beach for the dogs to have fun on! We used to be able to let dogs run free on the beaches here but since the city slickers have move into our once quiet little seaside town and turned it into a mini city, dogs can no longer walk on the beach between May and October, not even on leads. It’s also a new bylaw that they can’t be off the lead period in the other months on the beaches and parks. Isn’t that sad?

    • That is so unfair, we do have periods in high summer where you can’t tkae them on some sections of the actual beach, though they’re OK on the upper sections of the cliffs, but we have full access all winter, and the car park is free, long may it continue.

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