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My New Boyfriends

boyfriend 1
I am seeing 5 gentlemen (give or take) every day!.

boyfrien 2

As soon as I wake up, Will Power helps me get out of bed.

Then I go to see John.

Then Arthur Ritis shows up & stays the rest of the day. He doesn’t like to stay in one place very long so he takes me from joint to joint.


After such a busy day, I’m really tired & very glad to go to bed with Earl Grey.

erl gray



What a life!
Oh, yes, I’m also flirting with Al Zymer;
or whatever his name is. I forget !
and I’m thinking of calling Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan or Johnny Walker to come over and keep me company.

Now remember:

Life is like a roll of toilet paper…..

the closer it gets to the end,

the faster it goes.


  1. Arlene! How very naughty of you having all those boyfriends on the go at the same time!!! lol 😉 Nevermind tho…keeps you young!! lol and keeps Wolfie howling helplessly ROTFL 😉

    • You gotta have the stamina Wolfie,

  2. Thanks TG, I thought it too amusing not to share.

  3. That’s good, made me laugh. The lady character is brilliant isn’t she. She has certainly become very popular.

    • She sure has Anne, pops up everywhere, glad you enjoyed it, you needed a laugh, didn’t you.

  4. ahahahaha!!! so cute! heh …

    • Thank you Kirsten, hope to do the rounds soon. Thanks for calling by.

  5. Brilliant post Arlene! I’ll remember this every day from now on….

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