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To-days walk etc

Sue my friend came over to-day and we went for a nice walk along the beach with her three and my two, I don’t know if I mentioned that little Jasper, her Dad’s cairn who we used to take out with us, passed away on Christmas Eve, he was such a cute little character, I photographed him and put it on here some time ago. so we’re down to five on our walk, Stroodle, Widget, Nettle, Tango and Ruby


It was a fresh, windy and chilly day, though nothing compared to the last few days, it was dry and that was the main thing. We did a good 2.1/2 hours at a leisurely pace, before half way I had to put Tango on the lead as he is getting more vague and is inclined to wander off, either that or hangs behind having a sniff and when he can’t see us takes off after the nearest pair of legs!, unfortunately also being about 75% deaf now, it means a good sprint to fetch him back, it catches my throat when I think of my bright, busy intelligent dog is being reduced to this. However he accepts going on the lead now and trots along quite happily as long as I let him stop and have a sniff periodically.

I even managed to wash all the dirty dog towels and got them on the line drying beautifully, bliss!

I   came home and as I couldn’t be bothered cooking, had some cereal and biscuits with cream cheese, I’ll cook to-morrow. One of the upsides of living alone, you don’t have to please someone else and pander to their food fads.

Here’s dear little Jasper, and Widget, and Stroodle [she’s a staffie/poodle, hence the unusual name, such a character! Widget is quiet and sweet.



  1. Sorry Wolfie, I didn’t come online to read and invite you for lunch, shame, a nice roast lamb with french beans mash and gravy, then made a nice loaf of bread for tea, all finished. maybe next time eh?
    I asked Sue if she’d part with Widget, guess what she said……………………………yup, you guessed it…………………………..NO!sorry. than ks for calling by, even if it was only for an invite to lunch. 😉

  2. Wolfie still wants Widget!! 😉 Lovely photos…and if you’re cooking tomorrow…Wolfie will be round good and early at yours!! This cold wintry weather is making me ravenous and it really is far too cold for a well behaved little Wolfie to have to go hunting don’t you think? lol I will leave the must-have walks for Tango 🙂 Hugs to you and Tango and Ruby and Widget…and Stroodle…and Jasper….;)….and whatever you’re going to be cooking for Wolfie tomorrow!! lol 😉

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