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Stormy weather

Posting this blog before I take the dogs out for their evening run. Please please, let it stay dry, It is already dull and overcast with a fair bit of wind, thoroughly miserable. There’s no use going out too early as it makes the evening too long and seemingly endless.

This morning it started out bright and sunny, such a change, I did manage to get a nice beach walk in in the dry, having a chat and catch up with many other regular dog walkers. Now that the holidays are over the beach is almost quite empty., the next influx will be Easter. however back to weather,

Yesterday was gales with 80 mph winds and lashing rain, as anyone here in Britain will have heard about. I took the dogs out at 11.30 am hoping it would clear up a bit as they said it would. It was raining so I put on waterproof trousers and jacket plus wellies, hat and gloves coats on dogs. We went to the Rugby field as I’d gone to pick up Barney. About 5 minutes into the walk the rain got heavier and the wind got stronger, before we got half way round the rain was horizontal and the wind was blowing a right hoolie. I was walking into it, my hood wouldn’t stay up, my gloves got soaked just trying to keep it on, I was walking with my head at right angles to my neck trying to shield my eyes, it was as though someone had turned on a water hose, I have honestly never seen, far less walked in such weather. The dogs were skulking as close to the bushes as they could, but there was no shelter, so we just had to keep going, The field was a sea of mud with the previous days’ rain, now it was just swimming, so it was hard to keep my feet and stay upright with the wind.

By the time we got back to the car we were soaked through, I put a plastic sheet on my seat, but when I sat down the water ran off my jacket on to it and ‘puddled’ I could feel it soaking through my trousers at the back.

On driving home the streets were gutter to gutter water, by the time I got home it had almost stopped, I peeled off my clothes after drying off the dogs best I could. I had to strip down to the essentials. never been so wet from rain in my life.  An hour or so later the sun was shining ! British weather EH! who’d have it?

Well the dogs are getting restless, so I think it’s time for me to get togged up and take them out ‘again’ as it’s getting dark early tonight at only 4.15 pm

rain dog


  1. You are a brave and dedicted dog walker! My dogs would never stand for not being taken out wind rain or shine so I know what it’s like…but they seem to enjoy it!! It was like you describe here, in my part of the world last night…thought it was going to blow the door of it’s hinges! Hoping it won’t blow the freshly repaired roofing tiles off again or I’ll have a soaking wet den again and have to change rooms for a 2nd time recently (within the same house that is),,,just made it into work before the galeforce winds and the horizontal rain kicked in this morning 🙂 Unlike some unfortunates I saw later!!

    • To be honest Wolfie, even though the dogs MUST go out, [you just can’t keep collies and be a couch potato] and it has become a way of life., I feel it’s a duty, but the change of scenery and the activity is necessary and beneficial to me,
      I hope these gales die down before you do get ousted due to being washed out, Good luck on the way home.

  2. I wonder if you and your fur babies go out if it’s thunder – stormy out, just wondering.
    I typed in the website you gave me but didn’t work. I couldn’t click on it. I don’t know how to put website on like we did on WL. I’m puter illiterate totally. I do now have a photobucket account.

    • Tango doesn’t worry about noises, especially now that he is getting deaf, but it’s never been a problem, Ruby would be a bit nervy I imagine as the fireworks on New Years Eve upset her, so I’d keep her on lead and make it a short walk, Though TBH we don’t get many thunderstorms here, at least none that i’ve noticed in the last few years. and are usually during the night.
      What was the link you couldn’t get to work? was it on here or Blogger, and was it flickr? maybe I spelled it wrong it is for photo sharing I honestly find blogger easier to add things to and play around with than WP. Glad you got a Photobucket account, also try for royalty free photos, or , it’s just come to me was it Paint.NET – Free Software for Digital Photo Editing
      Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for computers that run Windows. – [copied link for you] as you managed to put text on your photos I thought you now had that.

  3. Brrrrr I’m all cold and shivering just reading about your wet and windy exploit. Mo does not entertain even considering stepping out the front door if she does not like the weather, she just sits and won’t budge.

    • You know Anne I’ve often thought I’d love a dog like that, it would be so useful especially this weather, Ruby would happily stay home, but |I think that’s because she didn’t have a lot of walks, but afraid Tango as a typical collie, MUST have his walks or he’d drive me bonkers.

  4. england and the pacific NW are very much alike, i think. although it has been dry for this part of the woods for this time of year. i like january, as it is such a fast changing waether pattern.

    • Kirsten Hi, I’m not a lover of the cold, I like it around 25 deg and the older I get, the less I can tolerate chilly weather.

  5. We’re having similar weather here in Dublin! Yesterday’s walk was a bit of a disaster when poor Pogo the Poodle decided enough was enough and had to be carried back to the car.

    • Poor Pogo but when your a little dog like that it’s your right to be carried, 🙂 I’ll pop by and see you later, thanks for visit.

  6. SandySays1

    I know it’s rough this time of year in the UK. My human has been there many times and loves it (particularly around Cheltenham and Bath) But think of this – in the summer when you’re comfy, I’m up to my paw pads in 95 degree temps, mosquitos, and humidity that is a lot like a good but wet English wool blanket!

    • Hi Sandy, nice to see you Tango and Ruby send their greetings I think that’s what they said in dogspeak,
      |Are we ever satisfied with the weather?? but I take your point, although I like it hot[ish] I don’t think I’d want all these nasty creatures and the damp. just nice warm sunny weather will do me nicely, roll on summer.

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