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Well it’s New Years Eve, and the weather is miserable and damp, ideal for staying home, which I am doing this evening, the days of going out ‘first footing’ for me are well and truly over. I will go to bed at around my usual time of 10.30 pm and hopefully sleep through, then waken up to find it is 2012. and I’ll be approaching my 75th year. cor doesn’t time fly? I suppose like everyone else I will have a few nostalgic moments of reminiscing or years gone by, hopefully I won’t get too tearful, as it’s one area in which I am sentimental, but then they say all old folks get that way, so as long as i’m doing what the rest does, I shan’t worry too much.

I do often think of the days when my girls were little and of my dogs which have passed on.

I went to the library yesterday to stock up on  a few books, I’ve got back into a phase of reading historical novels, Just finished reading one about Lady Jane Grey a grand niece of King Henry V11th, she ruled for 9 days and was beheaded at 16, due to the ambition and ruthlessness of her parents, it was a damn good read and has whetted my appetite for more of the same that I may not have read, It was a fascinating period in English history., not a time to be up there with the Royals, as one wrong word, innocent or not could land you in the Tower or worse.

Have any of you got a kindle?  I don’t know if it would suit me, as I just love the feel and physicality of a book, looking at the cover and wondering what magical delights [or not] is inside. But then I’ve never handled a kindle, I could be judging them wrongly.

It’s almost time to take the dogs out, again, but at least the nights are getting a teeny bit lighter, so I can go out a tad later each week.

My younger daughter phoned this morning inviting me to come over to-morrow for late lunch, so that will be nice, and will help pass the time.

Catch you all later. BTW I haven’t wished anyone a Happy New Year as traditionally in Scotland we do it ‘after the bells’ that is 12 midnight to-night.

catch you all later.


  1. Thought you’d like to know…and W/P suggested I should! lol…that you are fourth on my list of people who have posted the most comments on my blog in 2011! So thank you very much Arlene! You are a star!! You are there in my 2011 review looking very cool 😉

    The email you kindly sent me, “Cairo the dog who cornered Bin Laden” that I posted as a blog, came in as 3rd most popular blog of 2011…not bad going for a post that hasn’t been up all that long compared to the others on the list! So thank you for that too 🙂

    Not sure how W/P work out the popularity ratings though…that blog has been sitting in TOP place on my Stat’s page for the last 2 months with around 1,400 views…and knocked the long standing leading mythology blog “Raptors of mythology” off the top spot it has held nearly all year by about 300 views and counting! The “Cairo…” blog is also top of the All Time stats too!! And all thanks to your email!! So there you go! Give yourself a big pat on the back!! 😉

    • Well what do you know! fame at last even if it is on someone else’s blog 🙂 I am pleased that your post on Bin Laden was a hit for you, and got lots of attention, I, sad to say still struggle to get recognition [sob] I’ve commented on and ‘followed’ several blogs but they come to nowt, don’t even reply, but TBH I don’t know that I’d have the time, in fact I WOULDN’T have the time to reply to lots of people, and I do like to reply to comments. so it’s no big deal really.
      I unfortunately have been spending more time on FB but on the dog branch whcih many of my friends are on and we have many good discussions, but I prefer blogging as it just suits me better, as I prefer to unburden myself at length , as you ‘ll have noticed’ rather than short staccato bursts of comment, best stop now or this will be turning into a post. LOL

  2. Happy New Year! Rained most of New year’s Day here, but at least it was cold and dry when I padded home from the pub in the early hours of New Years morning!! Great fire work display too 🙂
    Nearly got a kindle but am yet to do so…partly because I know I really really need to stop spending like water lol but also I’m not convicned I’ll get time to read anything at the moment…takes long enough to read and comment on blogs and keep up with twitter as it is! Adding a Kindle to the list is likely a recipe for disaster 😉 But we will see in a month or so 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, so you were out celebrating with the rest of the pack eh? I do hope you behaved yourself as befitting the noble creature you are.
      I saw the firework display on TV and it really did look quite spectacular.
      If you get a kindle do let me know how you get on with it, I really don’t think I will, as it would grieve me to have to pay for books, which generally i only read once, so find the library perfectly suits my needs. But then I didn’t think I’d ever need a mobile phone 🙂

      • I was a very good Wolfie Arlene! Very good indeed 😉
        Actually as I understand it, there are a lot of free downloads for Kindles so it doesn’t need to cost you, and library’s are beginning to add Kindle loans to their services like when you borrow a physical book. Unless you renew it, it will be auto deleted at the end of the borrowing period. Of course it will take time to reach all libraries and it certainly hasn’t got to ours yet…it’s shut down till spring for refurbishment and the building of a cafe on the front of it…I hear this is an American thing…in the meantime no library PCs because they seem incapable of getting them to link into the network in the current location in the shopping centre!! A severely reduced book library is temp’ in an empty shop in the same shopping centre! I am quite sure you WILL get a Kindle in due course…as I suspect, will Wolfie!! 😉

      • Re Kindle, that’s interesting Wolfie, about the libraries loaning e books, something to look forward to and muse about. We have a pretty good library here in nearby New Milton , and to be able to have a book on loan for about 6 weeks suits me as I don’t sit and read as I used to, just a chapter or two at bedtime. Thanks for the info.

  3. It’s damp and drizzle here Arlene cold spell approaching next week. No Kindle , I am reading Only Time Will Tell at the moment .. Jeffrey Archer . I am quite a slow reader so a Kindle isn’t for me. Enjoy your Lunch at your daughter’s. I live too far from all my family , biut I am sure looking forward to seeing them all in 2012. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

    • I think the weather you have now is all along the southern coast Sheila, I went to Karen’s for late lunch, and we took the dogs out first, three labs and three collies, the ground was just a mire of mud and chewed up leaves, it drizzled one minute and poured the next, not really a pleasant outing, Cruelty to Humans, these wet dog walks.
      Keep us posted on your family re-unions, it will be lovely for you all.
      Hugs from two dried out dogs and a cosy Arlene to you both {{hugs}}

  4. Arlene, it’s fast approaching 10:30 here in the South, USA. I seldom am up this late, trying to catch up on the blogs. I commented on your blogger and I hope you can get the award from mine. I’ll say goodnight here and wish the best Year ever in 2012. Kassey just went to bed so that’s my cue…lol
    Have a pleasant night.

    • Hi GG, I’m hoping to upload the award to-morrow, I’ve got a thumping headache to-night as I had a rotten night last night, so am heading for early bed, after a glass of milk and a biscuit.
      Cuddles to Kassey and hugs to you, hope we both have a good day to-morrow.

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