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For all you keen photographers

This is an absolutely fantastic video of an Eagle owl coming towards the camera, I just had to share it before I do anything else.

Eagle owl


  1. CatsRuS

    Hi Arlene, a very Merry Christmas to you and yours. The owl video is really fantastic, what a beautiful bird! I’m just waiting for our Christmas bird to finish cooking and trying not to snack too much in the meantime. lol I’ve already eaten way more chocolates than I should have. Oh well, might have to let the pants out. haha!

    All the best to you in 2012!

    • Hi Robyn |Lovely to see you again, and yes it was a fantastic piece of filming.
      i hope it wasn’t an owl you had cooking in the oven, But I don’t really think so.#I too have eaten a bit too much so am on soup for a couple of days to get the waistband under control. 🙂 then I feel justified in eating some of my Christmas chocolates.
      Returning best wishes though we don’t wish Happy New Year till jan first.

  2. Stunning! And I hope the same can be said for your Christmas Arlene, both for you and your family! Wolfie Christmas hugs 😉

    • Hi Wolfie, sorry to be late, but I’ve been dipping in and out of FB, aren’t I naughty, must stop as it’s becoming addictive.
      Lovely to see you, hope your laptop problems are all over. Hugs from your three friends Me Tango ad Ruby {{hugs}}

  3. Wonderful I was holding my breath Wow !! Thank you for sharing xx

    • You’re welcome, too good not to.

  4. 1 word AWESOME.

    • Hi there and welcome, thanks for your comment, i’ll come and visit you later

  5. That is fantastic, made me get goosebumps!

    • I must admit Anne, when I watched it I was holding my breath on the last few seconds.

  6. gaaah! that was cool!

    • Hi Kirsten, yes it was really some shot.

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