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Find the face



Find The face

Just another little puzzle for you folks to keep you entertained till I get time to blog and visit, take care all, i haven’t forgotten you, just been busy.

find the face


  1. Well, my eyesight is not all it should be of late and I can’t see it…

  2. Helen

    I FOUND IT!!!! wow that took me a while

  3. Emily Edwards

    what the hell i cant find it someone tell me please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Took me a while to find this one!

  5. SandySays1

    Found a couple human looking skulls, well kind of, but…no face. Woof, woof. I’ve missed my visits say hi to my buddy.

  6. couldn’t find it Arlene…

  7. Oh dear! I’m not very good at this 😉 Still haven’t found the face!! “Could do better if paid attention!” I think is the comment of the day 🙂 I will keep trying!

  8. i found it i found it! ;P

    • Well done Kirsten, just realized I hadn’t visited you, get the kettle on.

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