Arlene and two adopted dogs.

Just a blog from someone who loves to communicate with other dog owners

The Life of Flowers

Tis is really beautiful, click on link and brighten up a dull day.

Sound will enhance it

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  1. Hi Arlene thank you for your visit always good to hear from you. I had a fab lunch out yesterday with the girls . Thank you for your email also as I do tend to get a bit worried about people disappearing. The party sounds like fun a bit noisy but non the less good to hear you had a great time. I must admit I do wonder about our Pen hope all is well with her. Hope she posts very soon , keeping an eye . Very windy here today not Wile-e ‘s favourite weather at all. Have a good day come rain or shine. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e thanks again.xx

    • Glad to hear from you Sheila. days out with friends are always good fun, women can really enjoy themselves when they have a get together, I know our crowd do.
      The weather to-day has been evil, cold wet and windy, though was lucky on both walks, in the morning before it started and this evening when it had quietened down, thankfully. T & R don’t mind too much, though |I put a coat on Ruby as she’s so fine coated.
      Take care and enjoy the rest of the week, X

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