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Starting the day

Just a quick post to catch up and see how many of my friends are still around,

We have all had breakfast and are ready to start the day, though the dogs have gone back into hibernation, Ruby especially would sleep the day away, Tango is still a bit more restless till he’s had his walk.

The weather this morning is much chillier and greyer. just heard on the radio that winter is about ready to pounce, so the sense of a cosy late summer will soon be shattered, The butterflies that are still flitting around, the daffodils that have dared to show their faces are in for a shock. A heads up for me as I have got several bulbs well on their way to blooming, I’ll get out the fleece and hope to save them, I’d hate to think that the work and time I put in to plant them will be for nothing, apart from the fact that the early bees and insects rely on them for food in spring.

Unfortunately I’ve had to put Tango on the lead more often as he is starting to wander off into the bushes and at some point a bit too close to the road path, a thing he would never have done in the past,  I’d just say ‘path’ and he’d stay on there. It makes me sad to think that it could be  the beginning of his decline, I must stop and don’t go there.

My Christmas wrapping is all but finished , just got a few little stocking fillers and small presents to get, Then they’ll be put  away till Christmas,  the cards are next, hopefully to-night.

To-morrow I have got my Great Grandson’s 3rd birthday party, a hall has been hired for it so I’ll pop along and it will remind me to appreciate the peace and quiet that old age [not me] brings.

Well I could go on as I feel I’m on  a roll but I must get the dogs out and do some shopping, I have some baking to do when I get back home, i haven’t baked any bread for a while as I couldn’t eat the crusts till I had my tooth filled, having to buy the soft pappy stuff from the shop.

I’m also going to have a look for something different in the baking scene.

Bye for now


  1. I’m still here! I will be a touch low profile though for the next few days till 1 Dec as I’ve run my connections bandwidth almost to it;s limit and have to tread with great care for now, as they still haven’t got the library ones up and running after the latest updates. The lilbrary is closed till spring now so they can build a coffee shop onto it and update the library part…they are opening a small section in an empty shop till then…TEN computers!!! Disaster as we normally have loads and loads of them so probably won’t get a look in! So if I don’t get to you right away I have you pending for the 1st! In the meantime get baking and save up some wolfie treats for me!! It is winter here already and very very cold!! 🙂

    • If you get this Wolfie, thanks for comment and I’ll look forward to your return, with loads of stuff to tell about. No baking for a day or two, just a loaf of bread, how boring. hugs from T&R

      • I did get it! 🙂 Nothing short of a miracle this laptop’s still functioning…my favourite mobile bought for me by my mum and dad has just decided to go haywire and my other laptop is flatly refusing to start 😦 Tried everything else so looks like a full system recovery will be the only option…just hope the back-up discs do the job when it comes to adding everything back on…assuming the system recovery gets it going again….GRRRRRR!!! Technology! What is the matter with it at the moment!! Thank goodness this new laptop’s insured 🙂 Weary wound-up Wolfie hugs for you T and R 😉

  2. Hi Sheila, i’m beginning to despair over this blog, when I checked this morning nil comments, what has happened to all these ‘followers’ ? some people get 20= comments on the most basic and trite of posts and if I’m lucky I get max four, oh Lor’ I must sound a real old sourpuss, but I just don’t know how your supposed to keep people’s interest, thank heaven for folk like you and the one or two other loyal friends, rant over.
    pressies are done, but only a few cards, must get started on them, If I didn’t spend time blogging, I’d get more practical things done, but unless it picks up, I may just do that. [sob], ignore me, having a miserable day, two deaths in one week, not good.
    Hugs to Wile-e and mwah to youX

  3. Hi Arlene I think I relied to this post over at Blogspot. Oh it’s your gransons party today lovely time to you. I have done my christmas cards and most of my prescents. A fine day here rained last night so I bid you fairwell. Have a great time Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

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