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Golden Secrets

Do you ever have these moments when you suddenly recall a memory of something that happened possibly a long time ago, or even just the previous day.

It can come on at any time of the day or night, and stop you right in your tracks and  if it’s a good memory you just savour it all over again, you can be transported back to that day and time re-living the wonder.

It needn’t be anything that would make front page news or be of interest to anyone else, it can be funny, amusing, sad or just heart stopping for reasons of it’s own.

It can triggered off by a scent, or passing by a familiar spot, when suddenly you recall a very special moment there.

I recall things from way back in childhood that for some reason or another have imprinted themselves in my memory, others much more recent where something inside me says ‘you will remember this’

It’s not things that you discuss with others be they friend or relative in case they think you’re a bit corny, but I’ll bet we all have them, besides they are usually too precious to be bandied around.

They are wraithlike and intangible and only for your pleasure., but I will share one which I recall, it was some years ago I was out walking my dogs, Tarc a GSD and Whisper the collie, it was a lovely day , pleasantly warm and with the slightest of breezes, we sat on the cliff top and just rested in companionable silence admiring the view across the water. What made it so memorable was the fact that the dogs just sat by my side quietly and waited, where normally they wouldn’t put up with me sitting down without them wanting to do something, it was as if they knew it was a ‘memory ‘ moment.  When I experience the same conditions and am on the cliff top, it comes back to me.

I’m not a great believer in religion , but I do often feel that we all have a guardian angel who visits us when we need her, maybe these are her moments with you.

At the end of the little reflection, you give yourself a shake, come out of your reverie and get on with the here and now, The memories are once again locked away in the Golden Secrets compartment for another day.

Guardian Angel


  1. So glad you shared this Arlene, I was inclined to think it was just me had those sort of moments…I guess because as you said often we don’t share them because they’re memories too precious to be bandied around…and it’s lovely to dip back into the golden secrets compartment when the moments present themselves… 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, thanks for calling round and for your appreciation of my little post.
      Memories like these are lovely, but I know that i have to be careful not to get too nostalgic and wallow, not a good idea. just an occasional dip is good as we both agreeI

  2. Me neither Arlene, about religion…I just believe in ‘something’ other than humanity itself… and after reading your piece, such a moment recalls me now… MY ex, MY Girl and I were sitting beneath a tree filled with blossom, (I can’t remember it’s name, but I called it a ‘Candle Tree’ ‘cos the white blossom grew upwards from the branches,) we sat on a fallen log, with Bess laying beside us…and it snowed blossom…We were covered and blessed… A wonderful memory… I felt as if I was in a Walt Disney moment, expecting the White Rabbit and Alice to run past any second… Lovely moment of yours to read, thank you for sharing..
    … hugs to you, Tango and Ruby.. xPenx..

    • Hi Pen, been out for birthday tea at a rather posh Hotel this afternoon, £11 for a couple of [very nice little sandwiches, cram scone and itty bitty cakes, phew, daylight robbery]
      I know the tree you mean, the name escapes me right now, but it really sounds like a magical moment, just the sort of thing I was trying to envisage. You’ll remember it even when you’re a very old lady. sitting in my jammies and a hot water bottle on my back, all comfy, didn’t think it fair to the dogs and go back out again, so sending you some nice warm huggy hugs XX

  3. Oh Arlene sounds lovely I can just imagine you and your gals sitting there all peaceful and quiete. I love the Guardian Angel , I to believe we do all have one. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

    • Thank you Sheila , Had a lovely day, went for a walk with Nicky in the New Forest and lunched at The Filly Inn at Brockenhurst. dogs are totally pooped.
      too tired to give you hugs but have one from me {{0}}

      • Hi Arlene just popped over wish you good weekend can’t remember if you are home or not yet. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

      • Thank you Sheila, I’m here, just about to make a start on wrapping Christmas presents, You to have a good weekend. , hugs to Wile-e XX

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