Arlene and two adopted dogs.

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Good news

Happy to report that Megan is staying with her Mum, We had a long chat, I did say that if she went into a home there’s a very little chance she’d be adopted, but  Avril assured me that wouldn’t happen, and after a good old pep talk and getting a few things sorted, she says she loves her a lot and will keep her, She worried that because she’s active that she wasn’t getting out enough, I told her that she’s setting the precedent by taking her out every time she got ‘active’ so the more Megan expected, it was a circle pattern of behaviour that had to be broken, she’s 11 yrs old for goodness sake, but she says she’ll get her into better habits, Tango would go out every hour if I was daft enough to take him, but twice a day is enough. A good job done,         

Yippee we came a very close second in the quiz, If we’d only known ALL three of the tenors who sang together and that a Roman numeral  ‘D’ was 500 and not the 50 I said, grrrrrrr


My friend Nicky phoned to-night to suggest meeting for a walk in the New Forest and a spot of lunch to-morrow, That will be nice, we haven’t been out together for a while, it’ll be nice to catch up.

She had Tangos’ sister and lost her two years ago. so sad, she was a lovely little girl.


  1. GRrrreat News about Megan, Arlene, now that’s added a smile to my day.. but sorry you lost out on 1st in the quiz…. I always get confused about Roman Numerals… but I do like using them… they look so much better than our numbers as dates… Esp The long ones… but they can look so confusing.. MCMXLIV gives me a headache.. . but is apparently.. 1944… 😀 … Hope the New Forest walk was enjoyable…and that the weather held out… We just had grey skies… but I tried to hold onto a sunny disposition.. (didn’t work. but I tried.. 😉 ) Hugs to you 3 from me.. xPenx

  2. Fantastic news! I feel so sure that if there were more dog people out there willing to share their knowledge and experience with those in need and to offer their support, there would be far fewer dogs being rehomed. What can seem like an insurmountable problem to a troubled dog owner without the experience can be a very small easily resolved detail for someone else. I think we all have a duty as dog people to share with and support those in need. Sometimes I think we focus so much on the dog’s well being which is of course a top priority, that we forget to allow a little of the human touch to extend to it’s anxious human! A challenge for us all!…oh dear…I think I feel an idea for a new blog site coming on…no!! no more blog sites! I can’t take any more!! Maybe we could develop a multi-author w/p blog…dealing with dog problems and possible solutions or directing people to useful sites and organisations…pool everybody’s doggy knowledge and expertise in one place 🙂 Well…just a thought!! 🙂

  3. Thank you again Sheila, I wouldn’t go alone as it’s so vast, adn I have no sense of direction, so would get totally lost. XX Hugs to Wile-e

  4. Hurrah ! that is good news Arlene so very pleased to hear this. New Forest Lovely place I went there 10 years ago and stayed in a lovely Hotel , lovely memories. Hope you have a lovely day with your friend. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

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