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Funny things we do

Don’t  know about you folks, but when I put on the TV to listen to the radio I always keep glancing at it, though there’s no picture, but when I’m listening on the radio, I just carry on with what I’m  doing without thinking about looking for a picture.

And talking of pictures, at my Art club yesterday we had a demo from a first class artist, Dave White. and it was wonderful, it made me realise that my paintings are so amateurish by comparison <sigh>  I do wish I had more time to practice though, maybe, just maybe, it would make a difference.  Dream on girl.   artist smileyartist smiley


  1. Always good to have something greater to aspire to! And you’re paintings are not at all amateurish…so no worries there 😉 And I bet Dave White doesn’t have a blog with cute and endearing smileys on it!!!

    • Thanks to you too Wolfie, and NO he doesn’t 🙂

  2. Hi Arlene I agree with Pen on this one I rememeber the beautfiul Painting if dear Bess. Hold your head up high I wsh I could achieve something like that. It doesn’t come easy I know long hard practice ,, so well done . Sheila and Wile-e xxhugs:)

    • Thank you Sheila. I’ve been looking at my website, and a few could be better. hugs back to you and Wile-e

  3. hey, hey hey, Arlene, …Art is always in the eye of the beholder…and you.. my girl, are your own worst critic….How can you say that you’re amateurish?… Bess’s portrait and all the rest say NO way hose` … (and I’m the same about the radio side of TV… can’t help glancing either. 😀 ) Hugs to you three from me. xPenx

    • Thanks Pen, it is true, that people who paint and stuff aren’t satisfied, sometimes I wonder if they’re lost hurt souls that try and show themselves in their work and because they’re not perfect, find it wanting. I’m struggling just now, I can’t settle myself down to any work, I’ve got about four on the go, Not a happy bunny about it. T&R say thanks for being nice to Mum so special hugs all round.X

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