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Find the cat


Can you find the cat in this picture,hidden cat


  1. ahhh … there it is … cats can dematerialize, and rematerialize later. its no wonder i couldnt see it the first time. henh

    • Well done Kirsten, pretty clever though eh?

  2. Ohhhhh! There it is! Talk about chameleons!! Poor Wolfie has serious eye strain now!! lol 😉

    • Now then a good proper Wolfie would have used her nose. !

  3. >>>>I FOUND IT<<<< Arlene, I did!! Do I get a prize?… (took me ages mind you…with my nose touching the screen… now I've gotta clean it!! 😉 ) Strange how it melds into the erm.. ,. place where it is… (don't want to give away any clues!!) I wonder how it knew just where to sit? xPenx

    • Well done Pen, sorry no prize, just the knowledge that you are clever, patient,observant and erm honest ? yes, dare I doubt you. well done, now get dusting.

  4. Hi Arlene no can’t see any cat !!

    • Well I’ve put you out of your misery Sheila, clever one eh?, bet you thought I was kidding.

  5. CatsRuS

    I found it. 🙂

    • Takes a cat person, or did you put one of the cats on the scent?? Well done .

      • CatsRuS

        Well I have to admit it did take me quite awhile and when my eyes started crossing, I though of zooming in, so I guess I cheated a bit. lol

  6. no … ;S

    • catch you later with answer

    • Bet you could kick yourself, easy when you dee it, isn’t it, Thanks all for your contribution

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