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Catching up

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby

Thanks for comments on Just a quickie folks. Thank heaven the fireworks are over, thanks to the incessant rain, [don’t know which is worse, it’s just so miserable] but Ruby is resting easier.

Had a nice meal at me daughter’s got home in time to watch Strictly come dancing results. a little bit of Antiques Roadshow, and fell asleep for nearly an hour, so no computer gossip, dancing last night so trying to catch up a bit with folks.

I visited Physiotherapist yesterday, and the verdict was that the shoulder is going through the classic stages of Frozen shoulder, and it could take 18 months. 😦 .

It’s only 3.30 pm and is already almost dark, and too early to take the dogs out, I hate the winter, hate,hate,hate. it GO AWAY.

Spent yesterday day time going through cupboards and drawers turfing out clothes for Charity shops, also collected around two dozen hangers, Have any of you ever tried to untangle a load of coat hangers? it’s one of the most frustrating things you can do, try it., and if you’re still smiling at the end, you’re a saint too good for this world. 

I’ve collected two sackloads of clothes for charity, and I bet in six months, I’ll be looking for at least one jumper,dress,pair of shoes that I’m convinced was the best thing I ever owned.

That’s it for now folks, I’ll try and visit another couple of friends blogs before I take the hounds out, which I can see it will be nearly dark, and it’s still raining, so I’ll get wet for the second time to-day.



  1. Catching up…yes! That’s just what Wolfie is battling to do after the internet connection decided over the last few nights to become hopelessly confused about who exactly was the Alpha round here! I think I’ve now got the message across and so far no more IE can’t display this page errors popping up everywhere I go 🙂 Might do in a mo when I click on Install 10,000 updates that have suddenly appeared though! 53.8mb to be precise!!

    That’s not very encouraging news for you about your shoulder…but I reckon you can beat the problem in a fraction of that time scale 🙂 And you’re still dancing so that can’t be a bad sign! Beginning to wonder if I accidently donated my favourite top to a charity shop…it has vanished without a trace and I can’t find it anywhere. Wouldn’t have minded so much but it was a gift from a special friend…paws crossed that bit of bad news doesn’t find it’s way back to the source of the gift! I love your smiley btw 🙂 Very cute! And that last one is hilarious!! 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, I am sorry about your laptop, I hope you find it, maybe it’s just camouflaged , just like that cat. 🙂
      I think my shoulder pain is exacerbated by typing, as it’s painful during the night after a session on the key board.
      I’ve also had trouble with not responding pop ups, and I’m on Google. what’s going on?
      I get the smileys from Photobucket, I love their stuff. It’s such a shame we can’t insert them into comments like we did on Spaces. 😦

  2. There’s always a good feeling attached to clearing out unwanted clothes Arlene, … (mind you.. there are times when I can’t make up my mind whether or not to give them another chance.. or at least ’til next clear out.. .’cos I feel so mean… mayhap that’s just me?.. 😉 ) and I’ve done that too, after a throw out… suddenly one particular item of clothing comes to mind and become a ‘must wear’ ’til suddenly remembering it’s gone forever… These dark and drawn in days are not tempting for ‘walkies’ as I remember only too well. I was bad enough, but madame would resist like heck!! … Shoulder wise I hope they’re just erring on the side of caution and it heals quicker than they say…. Hugs to you lovely three. from me xPenx

    • I know the feeling Pen, and I just know I will be looking for something that someone else is now wearing, but if |I see them I may just tear it off their back ! My worst thing was getting shot of a load of books, boy did I regret it, as I just love my books I took the dogs out on the way back from art class, and it started to rain, why couldn’t it have held off for another half hour. so the walk was cut short I’m sorry to say, I don’t suppose they minded too much.
      I admit I’m getting real cheesed off with this shoulder, just a permanent ache and stiffness. never mind the dogs give me plenty of licks and kisses, catch your share as they wing your way

  3. Sorry to hear that Arlene what a nuisance about your shoulder that is a long time. . Yes the rain is back here also and Wile-e just doesn’t want to go out. I was tidying my cupboards out yesterday also and drawers where all the paper accumilates…AWWW !! I decided to have a little treat , a lovely facial oh it was really lovely. Hugs Sheila and Wile -e xx:)

    • Thanks Sheila, I just hope she is erring on the side of caution. I put washing on the line before I went out today as it was so nice, but just as I was coming back it started raining, damn, and I had to take the dogs out before I got home, so as I said to Pen, it was cut short.
      A FACIAL! you lucky lady, I’ve never had one of them, was it was a professional one?
      Soggy hugs to Wile-e from two lazy hounds. XX

      • Hi Arlene yes it was and it was just great and so relaxing , they have a special on here in the town. It was worth every penny my skin felt so soft and I felt quite re-freshed. Go on treat yourself it was worth it and so are you. Cor I sound like an Ad from the Telly. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx:)

      • I was wondering about a Christmas present for my daughter, I’m more into the pollyfilla now, in place of foundation. 😦

  4. CatsRuS

    I’m sorry to hear that your shoulder could take up to 18 months, what a miserable thing!
    Well, you’re not alone, I hate, hate, hate winter too. It’s been so drizzly the last few days, although we did get a break from it today for awhile, but it’s supposed to last until Thursday (the drizzle). I hope the weekend will be nice and sunny, at least not raining anyway. :/

    We didn’t have to put up with too many fireworks this year. Even the annoying teens with their bottle rockets and fire crackers seemed to keep it to a minimum for which the cats and I are grateful.

    We just moved into our new apartment beginning of Oct. and now I can see I should go through my clothes AGAIN and get rid of some more to charity. I’ve simply not got the room in my dressers. Used to be my nice small sized clothing took up less room in the drawers and now my clothes are getting bigger, the drawers seem to be getting smaller. lol (going on a strict diet). lol

    Anyhow, all for now. Take care.

    • Thanks Robyn, I’m praying that it will be gone by next year when I go on holiday.
      Fortunately our fireworks weren’t too bad either, it probably got too wet.
      I’m supposed to be going out with friend Sue to-morrow for a dog walk, but the weather might put the kibosh on that.
      Thanks for dropping by., lovely to see you.

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