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Yesterdays doings

Just a quick ? post to share my yesterday,

It was a beautiful day after the morning mist burned off, so I decided to do some gardening rather then catch up and finish the painting of the dogs.

I started by raking up the leaves off the paved yard where the dogs do their you know what’s, the trouble is when it’s covered in leaves, you can’t see where the you know what’s are deposited. I then cleared them from the lawn . I marvel every year at the number of leaves that the Lime tree has, and I swear every last one falls on solely my patch. Looking out of the window I see there are as many there again. sigh, Quick note, I saw a thrush this morning, the first migrant so far.

After I’d done the leaves, quick bite and decided to tackle the compost bin, it’s 4′ tall and 6′ round, it was full and I swear I’ve got some squeaky visitors. I opened the bottom trap door and started shovelling the soil into the wheelbarrow for deposit elsewhere, i managed 5 barrowloads and thought that was enough as it was getting to 4 o’clock, time to take dogs out.

There looked like the beginnings of a nice sunset so I took the camera, I was right we had a spectacular sunset, I took this accidentally with the flash and thought it made a change from the usual.

On the way back to the car, Ruby took off a bit smartish, I thought maybe someone was throwing a ball, but no, then I realized she’d heard a firework, it was getting dark so bundled them in the car and got off home.

It ‘s her first Guy Fawkes night with me and she is very frightened, so much so that she wouldn’t eat her tea nor go and oblige me in the garden by bedtime, I shut all the doors and windows ad turned up TV loud.  There were still bangs at 10 pm. She’s a it ‘windy’ this morning, I just hope thee won’t be much this evening. I think they should be only allowed on 5 Nov for a set time and then it should be an offence after that. Maybe that seems selfish, but thinking of all the horses and cows in fields and other wildlife who must be petrified.

I got up this morning and I ache in places I thought I’d outgrown. I’ve got physio to-morrow, for a check up on my shoulder, I shan’t mention the gardening, and it was getting better 😦

I’m off to Karen’s for lunch to-day, Jason does Sunday cooking and he makes a darn good job of it,  Even taking all the dogs out won’t walk it off. I have to go on mean rations for two days after,

It’s a lot colder this morning, so I’m wrapping up well to take the dogs out, see you later this evening [hopefully]



Just a mention for Gaelic Wife, Thanks for your visit, and I have tried to get into your site, but it seems to be unavailable, or just difficult,






Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. Pretty Sunset photo’s Arlene , and what a busy bee you have been . I hope you are pain free today Monday. Leaves yes indeed I moved my car out of the way otherwise it is covered in leaves. It sits under a tree not quite sure what it is , it has little sacks of seed pods hanging down . Hello Tango and Ruby good to see ya. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

    • Hi Sheila, could be a Sycamore, but it’s the bird droppings that’s the worry when you’re parked under trees. 🙂 Get Wile-e to chase them away. Pain well discomfort really, is tolerable, no worries, thanks. X

  2. Good Lord! Arlene you’re out and about quite late, suppose you’ve got the dogs looking after you…. It’s goodnight from me and enjoy your day my friend…

    • Hi Lady Jude, it wasn’t really late, about 5 pm , though I wouldn’t be strolling along the top of the cliffs if I didn’t have the dogs to take out, makes me feel a bit like Cathy in Wuthering Heights,HEATHCFLIFFE, WHEE ARE YOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  3. ah I love the Sunset Photo’s Arlene, and I recognise the ‘tail tucked in’ look modelled by Ruby Tuesday.., Bess would be in the process of ‘speeding’ off when the warning signs were that obvious … She hated the bangs too, and I know people grumble that we animal lovers are trying to spoil their fun, but for goodness sake why are they allowed to set them off weeks before the 5th? and afterwards too… I thought there was a ban set in place for shops selling to other than named organised Displays? Ah well, I hope Ruby Tuesday recovers her equilibrium… and I suppose one thing I don’t miss is clearing the ‘poo’ … Bess was a generous donator alright.. . It seemed as soon as I cleared up she wanted to keep me busy!! 😉 . … Good to see Tango’s photo too, (didn’t want to leave him out of the mentioning) … hugs to you Tango and Ruby Tuesday… from me… xPenx

    • Hi Pen my friend, yes that tucked -in look speaks volumes doesn’t it, fortunately Tango is completely unfazed, One of my previous dogs, Whisper, was a complet wreck with fireworks, thunder, and the clunk of golf balls, which made walking her by the golf course a trial.
      We’ve been reasonably lucky with fireworks this year, mostly due to the rain, but I suspect that money could be a factor, or lack of it. I mean.
      Know what you men about the ‘poo’ it does get a bit of a task but i’d clear up a ton of poo for you and I to have well loved dogs back.
      Oh yes Tango just had to have his photo taken too, even if I caught him walking off. sending you hugs now, as dog walking time is upon me and as it’s raining the hugs would be too damp to pass on. XXX

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