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Recipe for Welsh Cakes

Recipe for Welsh Cakes

I’ve included the recipe as Horst has requested in Blogger , so thought maybe someone on here might like it. It is a very old cookbook as you can see by the date, the scribbles on the page were probably done by one of my daughters. It was the first cookery book I bought.
It cost me 5/- [25p] from Woolworths


  1. Wolfie, you’r3e giving me the shivers just thinking of these rats, I’d be happier if it was grizzly bears!.
    I don’t spend money at Crufts, too overpriced, I pay for a seat and my entrance fee, I’m going up with son in law Martin, daughter Karen and her daughter Rhianna, I’ll be glued to my seat watching. My friend Madge has qualified with Trendy, plus several other dog friends, I am looking forward to it, should you decide to go, perhaps we could meet up, would be nice to put a face and whiskers to the name.

  2. Reminds me of the cook book I still have in the back of my cupboard from my mum, Arlene, it’s so aged but I would never get rid…and does girdle mean griddle then? just noticed that…
    mm mm, I think I’ll get baking soon…. ‘cos you’re making me feel hungry… Happy Bonfire Night… and safe times (Bess hated the bangs and wouldn’t step outside to do her business at all) and hugs for you, Tango and Ruby Tuesday.. xPenx

    • Hi Pen, yes that’s right, in Scotland it’s a girdle, but same difference.
      I had problems with Ruby last night, she wouldn’t ‘oblige’ at bedtime, nor would she eat, poor little mite. Ban the fireworks I say. It’s getting colder, so sending warm fluffy hugs to share with we 3 {{{0}}}

  3. Wonderful Arlene I like the look of those this I will try. You have done a good job on the short cut well done. šŸ™‚ Hugs Sheila & Wile-e xx always on the look out for a new easy sweet recipe thank you.

    • I hope you do Sheila and enjoy them, but they’re not exactly party fare. just for tea. on blogger I’ve put up the recipe for easy fruit loaf, no fat!

  4. Well bravo, least I can understand the recipe ingredients, unlike the American recipes I don’t understand…..

    • Good , I’m not very clever at deciphering the American recipes either.Thanks for visiting, and do try the cakes, they really are easy.

  5. I would love to try this recipe and sadly I don’t have a working oven in this house…currently it’s housing the Portuguese guys sacks of rice that they live on šŸ˜‰ After the rat came flying out of the sack when they went to scoop some out for cooking purposes it was decided that inside the oven was the only safe place to keep it!!! Cupboards are no good as it gnaws through the wood!!! Maybe you could give one of your ferocious Arlene “Tikaani” growls would do the trick! (Her growl is warning! Heed it well!) Note the mantra here!!

    However I can always eat yours for you can’t I? šŸ˜‰ lol… sunday would be good…consolation for not getting to go to Discover Dogs at Earls Court after all!…you’ve done a great job of getting photos of the cookery book very good indeed. And if it was your first it’s been well looked after…cookery books are wonderful with so many memories attached of warm baking-smells and lovely hot kitchens šŸ™‚

    Hungry Wolfie hugs šŸ™‚

    • Hi Wolfie, thanks for visiting But the recipe doesn’t call for an oven, the cakes are cooked on a griddle.
      I hope you get rid of the rat makes me shudder just to think of it.
      Sunday? sorry no good for me, I’m going to Karen’s [daughter] for lunch. try again. BTW I’ve booked for Crufts next year, going on the Saturday 11th I think it is.

      • Rat’s running around in the wall cavities where it’s warmer!!
        Hope you have a lovely time at Karen’s šŸ™‚ But Arlene! Crufts?!! I was trying not to think about it…be good…told myself I’d been back once that would suffice and I didn’t need to spend my life savings to go again!!! But some time has passed…I am beginning to forget how much it cost me!! And now you tell me you are going too….Wolfie’s resolve is weakening…it is breaking even!!! I think I should be safely at work then…but they owe me 3 weeks leave to be taken before the end of March…they could surely let me have the Saturday off don’t you think?!! lol….oh dear…no will power this wolfie when it comes to dogs!! Have a lovely weekend and I hope you avoid any rain šŸ™‚

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