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Fancy Dress.



Here is the ghoulish photo of the witch, The night was not bad, not as well attended as we’d hoped, but we always make the most of our little ‘do’s’  The next official one is St Andrews day , but we have a celebration birthday lunch before then.

witch 1

Meet my friend


I’m not really very scary, am I.?

That’s all for now folks


  1. Nice outfit, Arlene. So glad you had a good time with good food. We had no spooks here, not allowed unless out Grands, GGrands want to. I guess they went somewhere else. Kassey would have enjoyed seeing them though.

    • Kassey would have chased them off, I’m sure, not allowed in her patch.

  2. Wolfie was very scared!!! Great costume…really suits you! lol 🙂 Hope you didn’t get too carried away flying around on that broomstick!

    • Oh poor Wolfie, never mind I’m sure when you get all your fangs back and sharpened, something like a little old witch won’t scare you one bit. She’ll be jumping on her broomstick and whizzing away toot sweet.

  3. Good to hear you had a great time Arlene I remember your outfit last year very scary. It’s a shame not people showed up but I bet you and your buddies made the most of it. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx:)

    • Hi Sheila, and a hello to Wile-e too. I hope you both had a nice Halloweeen and not too scary.
      Yes we did make the most of our evening, , we all bring food so there was plenty to go round.
      My costume was a bit scrappy really, and I almost suffocated in the mask. :-), Long live charity shops.

  4. Nah, not scary at all Arlene, (Can I look now?.. 🙂 ) … Glad you had a ‘shocking’ Halloween evening. We didn’t get any trick or treaters at all , so I’ll be able to have the choccies to myself. (so, so terrible :-D)
    have a great rest of the week and hugs to you Tango, and Ruby Tuesday, from me.. xxx

    • Hi Pen, I remember last year we had a couple of youngsters and they were genuinely scared by my Dracula get up, unfortunately they weren’t there this year, perhaps they remebered. :-)) As I said to Sheila, we made the most of the surplus food.
      JUST SEEN jOHNNIE ON THE ONE SHOW, a little skit with Ricky Gervais. woooo -oooo
      no hugs for you to-night, sorry I’m still swooning over JD, and spending all my surplus sex hormones on his image.

      • I just saw him last night on the Graham Norton show, Arlene, Pass me the smelling salts. . He’s to die for surely?… No, not Graham Norton, 😉 The king of hearts. King Johnny… Swooning? I’ve swooned and swooned again.. sigh!! .. xx

      • Did you see that he is holding a Q&A session at Oxford, and they were sold out immediately, I think I saw the details on the red button TV /south Afraid Graham Norton show is too late for me, I need my beauty sleep just in case he comes calling. 🙂 XX

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