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Thoughts on gardening

I’ve got about twenty minutes before I get ready to go out, so I thought I’d put up this quick blog post.

Looking at the garden to-day I got to thinking about next year. One thing I’ve made up my mind about, is no more spur of the moment plants from the Garden Centre just because they look good, all very colourful and an abundance of flowers, I get carried away, but nine times out of ten  I know nothing about them, mostly they are a seven day wonder, looking so pretty, then before you know it just a bundle of twigs and leaves with no hint of the glory that I bought.

So many times I’ve found labels of long forgotten impulse buys lying among the debris , half the time I can’t even recall what they were or looked like. Nor are they usually in the cheapo range and you don’t  get much change from a tenner, No, in future I’ll stick to tried and tested common or garden species, so next year I’ll be posting pics of Marigolds and Lupins.

Well that’s the plan for now , but I don’t think I’ll make it a New Year Resolution. Winking smile


  1. Hi Arlene I know what you mean I have spent a load of dosh on plants over the years for the garden. Only to be let down, so now I grow from seeds. Well some are successful some not so. I found a great little packet of seeds Chinese Mix they turned out very pretty and very hardy little flowers. I will certainly be trying those out next year again. Hope you enjoy your Party . Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

    • Hi Sheila, I’m afraid I don’t have the patience to grow things from seed, I’ve had too many disasters, mostly because I forget to water them and in general tend to just leave them to their own devices, MURDERER, I hear you scream, OK I deserve it. 😦 Hope Wile-e isn’t troubled by any fireworks. hugs to him {{{0}}}

  2. That’s ferzackerly what we’ve done in the past, Arlene, gone to garden centres and picked marvellous looking plants, not even thinking or forward planning where on earth they could go … only so many places to put full sun plants, half shade ones or shaded ones… that I just go by what’s worked in the past and stick with them. Mind you, saying that, I bet I ‘fall’ for the latest ‘in’ plant… Mayhap a bit of self hypnosis would be appropriate… (thou wilst not buy anything Pen, thou wilst …. um.. wilt !!) 😉 Hugs to you, Tango and Ruby Tuesday… from me.. xxx

    • Hi Pen, I think it’s such a common problem there must be a name for it, now with your penchant for words, how about giving a collective noun for we sad plant collectors??
      I usually come home with latest purchase and spend at least half an hour wandering around the garden wondering where to put it , maybe that’s the problem, i never choose the right spot so they sulk and die.
      Love hearing from you my welcome friend {{{0}}} hugs

  3. My mum and dad are gardening and garden centre regulars and I think a little like yourself in terms of not knowing exactly what they’ve ended up with! When I visited at Easter this year we went to an Easter Fair, where my mum made a bee-line for the plant stall 😉 She knew what she had bought at the time but made the mistake of arranging to collect them later so she wasn’t burdened down whilst we were checking-out the rest of the events of the day. Unfortunately when she went back to collect her plants it appeared the lady selling them had given my mum’s bag of plants to somebody else and my mum ended up with a bagful of strange unknown plants she had not chosen! I still haven’t been enlightened as to what they all turned out to be in the end!! Somehow I don’t think you’ll stick to your plan anymore than my mum and dad will!! 🙂

    • Oh, what a bummer for your Mum, I’d have been spitting feathers at that, but I hope maybe they turned out to be Ok and gave her some pleasant surprises. We’ve got too many nice garden centres round here, and it’s very hard to resist, especially on a nice summer day. And I guess you’re spot on, I’ll be haunting them come the first nice day in spring. sad sack that I am.
      Hope you’ve recovered from your argument with the lamp post, and these Romanians are behaving.
      Thanks for calling.

  4. SandySays1

    Gardening is just starting here — again! We have four seasons, Spring, Summer, Hot Summer, and sort of Summer. The tools etc. never get put away. Hope your feeling OK>

    • Hi Sandy nice to hear from you hope the Geezer is behaving. 🙂 Gardening is very hit and miss in UK unless of course you’re a pro, This time of the year it’s pretty much all over apart from clearing leaves and emptying the occasional late container.
      I’m feeling a bit better than I was, fingers crossed it lasts.

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