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I’m settled with some of my favourite music a cup of tea and a piece of cake, I thought to h*ll with the chores I will have a cyber chat.

My daughter Arlene, her daughter and husband took me out to lunch yesterday, I ate too much, bangers and mash, followed by Apple crumble and custard, good sensible fair., Thumbs up most enjoyable, so to-day I’m on boiled egg and toast.

I’d baked a fruit cake, see pic below, which we had when we came back home. ‘twas not bad, a bit dry, but passable. I know you don’t usually ice a fruit cake but I’m glad I did, I also sprinkled it with coconut. I didn’t have lemon zest to put in, and I wonder if that made a difference.

Not food this time , but the next pic is of the mysterious plant I said my son in law gave me, it produced this flower, a bit like what you get on the end of a marrow, already it’s gone limp, but there are a few more buds to open. Next one is my Narcissus I planted not so long ago, I’m surprised at how much growth they’ve sprouted already, hope they survive.

Back to food…. I usually make my own soup and freeze it, but unfortunately there was none left, and as I was having a fat day after yesterday,  it would have been ideal, so I bought a packet of Chicken and Leek Cup of Soup, very few calories  thinking  that would do with a slice of bread. By chance I looked at the ingredients and was a bit surprised by the number of ‘ingredients’ there is in the packet, 20 ! yes 20, for Chicken and leek soup, there was 5.4% Leek and 1.3% chicken, Surprised smile I shan’t tell you the rest it would take too long and maybe put you off your lunch.

I ‘ve got to finish my Hallow-een costume for Monday night. so that’s next on the list, i also want to get Tango and Ruby’s painting finished and a new one started for Wednesday’s art.

The weather has improved from yesterday, where it was very wet I got soaked, to-day started off bright and cold, I wrapped up well for my dog walk along the beach, but by the time I got to the cafe half way along, where I stop and give the dogs a welcome drink, I was starting to peel off my clothes, and there were plenty of them Hot smile I ended up carrying gloves,scarf and jacket, we’ve had a nicer Autumn than Summer this year. To-morrow is set to be nice. good, it can last till next Easter as far as I’m concerned.

Tango and Ruby enjoyed the walk, which was about two and a half hours, allowing for dog chats along the way, they’re now spark out. I toddled along to the library to get some more books, something I always get a frisson of excitement from, saddo aren’t I Sad smile I told you my life is boring.

Oh well it’s 3.30 pm and will be time to take the dogs out again around 5, then watch SCD tonight, I wonder who will go to-morrow, unless they pull something out of the hat, I think Nancy de Lollypop, though I think the public are keeping her in hoping she’ll do something real crazy, I laugh when she’s being interviewed with Anton, she’s all over him like a bitch on heat. Flirt female

Well if you’ve stuck this post out to here, thanks, though you were obviously hoping for something earth shattering, sorry to disappoint. but love as always from we three. XX



  1. Hi Arlene I think I commented on this post on Blogspot. Or did I I couldn’t even get on it yesterday so gave up. That cake looks so yummy well done. I am glad that Nancy left SCD not good at all , but she is very sexy lady surprising that she can’t dance , poor Antom I do like him and sorry to see him go. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

    • Hi Sheila, yes I did get your message on Blogspot, thank you. I agree it’s a shame that poor Anton had to go, I feel he must have been tearing his hair out in frustration at times, I don’t think she’s particularly sexy, more ‘wanton’ as my old Mum would say. 🙂
      Licks and hugs from we 3 to you 2 X

  2. Hi Pen SCD wasn’t too bad, but after poor Chelsea’s near mishap, and Robbie’s , er , gestures, which TBH I thought would get him off, I’ll be happy for them to get back to proper competition, Nancy was probably the right choice over Audley, she’s a right basket case, and I suppose I’ll miss the anticipation of perhaps seeing her do something real bonkers.
    The pressie worked, and I’ve attached her to a couple of emails to friends. 🙂 Thank you, and take care hugs galore from we 3

  3. Your life isn’t boring Arlene! Actually it’s a lot more exciting and productive than mine is right now lol padding around W/P is about the limit of my productiveness this weekend so far! No going out last night…don’t like foam parties! Don’t like paying to go in my local night spot just cos it’s Halloween time again…slept most of Saturday after finishing work and done absolutely nothing bar toddle round W/P today!!! That said…you have baked cake 🙂 🙂 Wolfie adores your cakes…bearing in mind I haven’t got a permanent front fang fitted yet (crown) I can’t bite on it so hunting’s out and i need nice soft tasty cake for nourishment!! The mysterious plant has produced an interesting flower…I think I will admire it over a large chunk of hot apple pie! Needs eating it up that’s my excuse 🙂 Wolfie hugs!

    • Hi Wolfie, I do feel for you, all the lovely cake around and you can’t get a real bite into it, or,,,, what’s this I read further down? hot apple pie, yummmy love it. but sorry fruit cake all gone now, the family made a huge dent in it when they came over on Friday, and I scoffed the last little bit yesterday. banana cake on the horizon, so get in the queue. Keep well. and lovely to see you..Hugs from a lazy couple of hounds to a rather bored one.

  4. Arlene, the cake looks good, bet it was. I’m looking forward to seeing your Halloween costume. It’s cold here too, low 30’s F last night.
    Blogger is about gone.I don’t know how to download my posts on there. Thank goodness I copied everything to WP, wondering how long it will last as they want money now.
    You, Tango and Ruby have a good weekend.

    • Hi Gr Gran,, yes the cake wasn’t too bad, just an everyday one though. it’s getting chillier at nights now, I put the heating on about half an hour ago.
      I don’t understand what is wrong with your blogger, nor WP, what do you mean thye want money?
      Hope you too enjoy your week-end.

  5. Love your name for Nancy, Arlene, and it makes me so mad when other improving dancers are thrown out for so called ‘public favourites’ … Watching Anne Widdecombe (Red line under Widdecombe… Spell checker came up with decompose?… 😉 Oh So tempted) last year made me nearly apoplectic… for goodness sake, she had as much dancing talent as a squashed marrow. .. Calming down now, ‘cos what the flip, ’tis only a dancing competition when all said and done. Earth shattering? no, I read your blogs to catch up on your news oh cake baker extraordinaire, whilst trying to have away with any scraps left over… Not done it yet, ‘cos you and the two guard dogs are always on the lookout… but one day I shall….(did you hear the thunderclap when I typed that?. Maybe ’tis a prophesy eh? ) …. I feel I should recognise that white flower on the mystery plant, but nothings ‘light bulbing’ yet… and if you’re a saddo I am too, ‘cos now the evenings are drawing in I’m stuck to the radiators and watching TV… 🙂 Hugs to you, Tango and Ruby Tuesday, … from me. xPenx

    • Hi Pen, nice to see you, to see you………….. Oh God no don’t go there, can’t stand Brucie. de Lollypop was even worse to-night. I did feel sorry for poor Chealsee I think the costume folk should be held responsible for that one, though maybe she shouldn’t have had the boob job, but I did feel for her., she’s a cracking little dancer. Can’t stand simpering Anita, they are all so sycophantic over her because she’s married to someone famous, it was the same with Pamela Stephenson. oh hush now Arlene. but first I agree with your views on Widdy.
      I’ll tell T&R to shut their eyes for ten minutes when you come creeping round the back door for sustenance, if you really feel it would be worth the trip. :-}
      Yup TV is starting to become more appealing now that the nights are drawing in, what an awful thought.
      Enjoy your week-end and keep the doors and windows shut tight to-night. ghosties and ghoulies and all that, Warm comforting hugs from us {{{0}}}

      • talking about ghosties and ghoulies.. Arlene, ( 😉 ) …. ( and not SCD, yikes!! I am so, so addicted!!) … I’ll try and leave this pressie . for you… Hope the link works… Have a great Halloween you, Tango and Ruby too.. hugs galore… xPenx..

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