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A few pics

Hi folks I hope I’ve caught up with and replied to most of your comments to my blogs, if I’ve missed anyone out, I apologise.

I’ve not done anything jaw dropping lately, very hum drum.

The weather has got  a bit milder but now the clouds are building up and the rain that has threatened has fallen, on my head !. As I took the dogs out last evening at 5, it started lightly, by the time I got home it was heavier, I got changed and smartened up to go out and it threw it down, running up the path in heels and skirts trying to keep hairdo intact is something we haven’t been used to for a while.

Watching a gardening prog the other evening, we were advised to put fuchsias  under cover, job done! I have some really nice ones which I’d hate to lose. Other tender perennials are in the mini greenhouse too. I’ve emptied most of the pots of spent flowers,  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’d planted my bulbs, well some of them are poking their heads up through the soil already, so they too will have to go under cover, as the first frost will chop them down in their prime.

Oh yes I’ve been knitting, a new dear little tea cosy, see pic.

new tea cosy  isn’t it cute?


This is Tango warming himself in front of the oven while the carrot cake is inside


This is the carrot cake before I iced it.


Nasturtiums going for a ramble


This feverfew spreads and self sows all over the place, it’s almost crowded out the fuchsia


My son in law gave me this plant i haven’t got a clue what it is, the large buds at the top look about to pop, but If they don’t do so soon, they’ll get caught in the frost



Various bits                                                          Vibirnum, it’s the first time it has      flowered, and that was because I had to   hard pruned it after it got scorched last  winter, it’s recovering well with new shoots popping out all over.


My grasses , the spiky stuff in the middle was growing into a tree till I chopped it down, I don’t mind if it stays this shape

Well that’s about it folks, nothing exciting, but I thought I’d best post up something, just to let you know I’m still in the land of the living.

Have a wonderful week


  1. ARLENE you have a very pretty little garden I can see you have put many a good hour in. Great shots I am glad I popped in today I find it easier here to leave comment than Blogspot. You have also found time to make a tasty carrot cake I see yummy. My lasy try at making one of those was a disater!! Hugs Sheila & Wile-e 🙂

    • Hi Sheila, I’m supposed to be finishing off my Hallowe-en costume, but thought I simply must catch up with replies. Thanks for the compliment on the garden, it’s ‘bitty’ as most of it is on a slope, there’s a bit flagged off for the dogs, and the side is gravelled, so I just pop stuff in where there’s a space.
      It is one thing I DO like about WP is the ability to reply to comments.
      There are lots of recipes on the ‘net for carrot cake and I’m enjoying trawling through it and seeing the different recipes for all sorts.
      Hugs to both {{o}} from T&R too

  2. Awww! I love the tea cosy 🙂 It is sooooo cute and endearing!! And you’re teapot looks soooooo tucked up and happy in it…lovely job 🙂
    Are you sure Tango isn’t sleeping off the effects of eating all Wolfie’s share of Carrot Cake by any chance? lol!
    Oh dear! I can just imagine you running up the path in heels etc ROTFL 😉 It’s been horrible here too, and tonight we have heavy rain again….I got soaked to the Wolfie skin going home with just a little umbrella to not keep me dry in the least!
    Now I am wondering if the next catastrophe will be in a few moments when I try to get in the kitchen to cook dinner…3 Roumanian men have moved in and my last encounter with Roumanian guys was not good! Their ideas of how to treat women (meat for the taking!!!) are most certainly not mine!! I don’t want to have to fend these ones off too 😉 (My growl is warning! Heed it well!! lol ) Thanks for your comment btw, I had such good fun with the reply to it!! 😉

    • My grand-daughter want a tea cosy now, huh, what have I started. 🙂
      Tango is sleeping off the THOUGHT of eating my cake, blanking out is the scene.
      Terrible rain yesterday but to-day is warm and sunny after a cold start.
      I do hope you’re going to be Ok with these Romanian chaps, you’ll have to hone up your best wolfie growl and sharpen the talons. Give me a call and I’ll send Tango and Ruby over to sort them out, but seriously, you be careful.

  3. ‘Tis quite nippy hereabouts too Arlene, and yesterday early evening we had thunder and lightning, and then it poured down… I was sitting by the PC and watching the spectacular display, thinking on Her Maj, who would’ve been tapping at my lap to be picked up and hugged whilst the thunder banged away at it’s drum… hey ho,… so now I’m misty eyed so I’ll absorb myself in looking at your photo’s again….You teapot cosy looks so cute… in fact I wuz looking for a Winter hat yesterday… could I bagsy it? 😉 …. and yummy Carrot cake, WITH icing?… blimey…lovely jubbly…Mouths watering already…so I’m cuddling Tango in front of the Oven and looking into your lovely garden displays… I have no idea what the plant is, first glance I thought it might be the same as the one my brother gave me, it comes up every year, and I’ve tried to remember it’s name but for the life of me it’s disappeared into the far reaches of my brain…. probably never to be seen again…but after a second look I think the leaves are a different shape. …but whatever it is, I hope it has time to flower before Winter cold and frost really sets in. Brrrrr.. Sometimes I would just love to hibernate..(just think of the enjoyment eating all that food beforehand in preparation and not caring about being fat…just live off it for the Winter!! “Suits me sir” …. Hugs to you, Tango and Ruby Tuesday.., xPenx

    • Hi Pen, nice to see you, we apparently had thunder and Lightening during the night, but for the first time in ages I slept right through but when I looked out this morning the place was almost awash, so we certainly had some rain.
      You’ll get many things come back and haunt you in memory of Her Maj, it’s all part of the healing, each one you ride through makes you stronger for the next time.
      Oh yes I iced the carrot cake, with Masacorpone [spelling] cheese and icing, that helped make it so expensive, but it was nice.
      We had a laugh over my tea cosy, a dancing club member had given me wool, so I took it to the class on Monday to show her, another friend was there, she is a midwife, and said it was just the thing for the newborns, so get your order in quick. 🙂
      I do hope the plant blooms before the frost as I’m curious, though it’s got very soft foliage, i’m doubtful it’ll survive.
      I’m definitely with you on the hibernating venture, lovely thought. I was going to do another blog but want to see Impressions first. maybe tomorrow,.TV calls – David Attenborough shortly, Bye from we three XX

  4. Hi Kirsten I’ve been so behind myself that it has taken me a whole afternoon and part evening to sort out who I’ve spoken to and who I’ve missed, I would soon have wondered where you were hiding, but I’ve just checked into your site and were amazed at all these geese, what a spectacle that must have been, We see the occasional skeen flying North if we’re lucky, but blink and you miss them unless you are in totally uncluttered countryside. Nice to here from you, and glad you’re happy even though you’re still not quite settled, be patient, everything comes to those who wait,

  5. hi! i bet you wondered what happened to me. heh! i’m still around, only now from the pacific north west! yahay!
    so i’m trying to get caught up on everything, as i’m not yet in my own house. but the beau and i would rather be a little inconvenienced here than comfortable in oklahoma.
    good to see you again arlene!

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