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For Sheila [natswans]

Hi Sheila here are my photos of the caterpillar, or dragon if you prefer



  1. 🙂 xxwoof woof

  2. Ahhh Wonderful thank you Arlene he is indeed a strange little fellow. I would just Love to see one of these gorgous Moths , it would make my day. Enjoy your Sunday walk. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e 🙂 cheers..

    • The last I saw an Elephant Hawk moth was about 3 years ago, don’t know where the little guys are hiding, but most moths like oak trees, and mine was taken down around three years ago when we had some bad storms, but that caterpillar was about two years, so hopefully they’re still around.
      Sunday walk was damn windy, I could hardly stand up. hugs back from me Tango and Ruby X

  3. Looks like I’ve beaten Sheila to it Arlene, and more fantastic photo’s of the … um … Dragon I’ve yet to see.,… Ain’t nature wonderful?… Hope you, Tango and Ruby Tuesday are having a great week-end. xPenx

    • Yes Pen, nature is wonderful, and let’s face it that caterpillar is probably a pretty real and scary dragon in the jungle undergrowth of the garden, I wouldn’t want to meet one if I was a teeny weeny bug. but I’m sure Tango would protect us , sending you hugs {{{{0}}}

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