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Hi there folks, I’m back though I don’t know for how long, Not wishing to sound a moaner, but just to say I’ve had a lot of discomfort from this ‘frozen shoulder’ and not sleeping well, I went to the doctor and was prescribed painkillers, so I’ve been giving it a bit of a rest till it stabilises, it’s a good bit better.

I appreciate the comments you all left on my blogs and hope to get round to replying where I can. Not much has gone on with me so this post won’t be mind blowing.

The weather turned very cold early in the week, gloves, scarf and warm coat was necessary, for me any how, though the postmen are still wearing their shorts, brrrrrr. they’re a hardy lot. It hardly seems possible that we were baking about 3 weeks ago.

Yesterday I went for a walk along the beach with friend Sue with Nettle, Widget, Stroodle and her dad’s cairn, Jasper, it was a cold start but we soon warmed up, so much that we stopped at the cafe on the beach front and had an ice cream, yummee.

  It has turned a bit milder from this morning, I managed to mow the lawn and hallelujah I don’t appear to be suffering any effects. I’ve just about finished the painting of the dogs, so will take a photo to-morrow.

I’ve got Barney for the week-end as his Mum’s celebrating her Mum’s 90th birthday with relatives up country.

I had some friends over on Sunday, and decided to try my hand at baking a carrot cake, never done one before, What a palaver, and not cheap, but it was really nice, not an everyday bake, but lovely for a special tea.

It will soon be Hallowe’en and we are dressing up at the dancing club, I’ve got most of my costume sorted, I’ll take a photograph of yours truly when the time comes.

Before I go try this link                   It would make even me take up exercise. That’s it for now. Byeee


  1. Hi Arlene I hope your pain has subsided must be quite a bind. I tried a carrot cake a few years ago and loved it, but couldn’t quite get the recipe quite right. We have had a lot of rain here in the South West some places have had floods , it is very sad when this happens. Thank you very much for your post I just love that little guy, the Moth. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e 🙂 xx

  2. Hi to you Gr Gran I’m OK with the pain as long as I can get my sleep and I must admit with the help of painkillers.
    Hopefully that will be the last the lawn will need cutting till next year, it’s been so dry [till now] that it won’t be growing much.
    Good reminder, I must get the costume finished before next Monday. woooooooooooooo scary stuff.

  3. Carrot Cake Arlene? I love the moistness and the flavour… um…any crumbs left?… 😀
    Hope you continue to feel improvement in your shoulder, seems like time and rest helps no end.. (I’ve had problems with a twisted ankle since June, swelling up and down like a yo-yo but it’s getting better.. and no, I didn’t go to the Doc… I thought I’d let it heal naturally) … Hope you, Tango, Ruby and Barney are having a great Sunday… ’tis cold hereabouts, and I wouldn’t like a ice cream to save my life. brrrr. … 😀 hugs to you all xPenx

    • Hi Pen The shoulder is OK thanks to painkillers, I didn’t know you’d had sprained your ankle, that’s jolly uncomfortable, hope it carries on improving.
      Afraid carrot cake is all gone, My daughter had made one, and when I asked her about the recipe and the cost, she admitted it was a cake mix, ! now why didn’t I think of that Duh!!!
      It started off chilly but after walking for about hour+, ice cream went down well. Just bought a packet of ice cream wafer bars from Lidl, my evening treat. mmmmm yummmmmmmy wanna come over T&R say oh yes!!!

  4. My friend’s baked carrot cake…it’s lovely! I hope you didn’t forget to save at least half a cake for Wolfie!! Slurrrp slobber droooooooolll!! I’ve only just got back too…unlike you I didn’t fare so well in the cold weather and have had a stonker of a cold…not being brave and positive like yourself in the face of adversity…lol…I have been feeling very very sorry for myself!! …. Carrot cake might help…?…!! lol 😉 Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Barney’s mum btw…inspirational to reach 90 yrs 🙂 I have no idea how you could eat ice cream by the beach in this weather!! You are a brave lady! Hope the frozen shoulder continues to progress the right way and you’re fully up and running again asap 🙂

    • Save HALF A CAKE, what! you must be joking Wolfie, much as I love you I couldn’t spoil you in such a manner, [thinking of your health of course] Half got eaten on the night, quarter got taken away for hubands, and afrraid the other quarter went down my swan like neck. mmmmmmmmmmmmm droooooooooool
      I’ve made some cup cakes, will they help appease your disappointment?
      Tango and Ruby can’t believe your request, as they never got a crumb. you’ll cause a riot. :-))

      • Not at all Arlene…I was 100% serious! lol 1/2 cake sounds very fair and reasonable to Wolfie 😉 After all it is VERY cold and Wolfie must keep up her strength!! But looks like you lot were all very greedy gannets and have left NONE for poor starving cold Wolfie! Tango and Ruby don’t need any!!! They have to watch out for middle age spread!!!!! lol 😉 Now…about those cup cakes…GIVE TO WOLFIE!!!! SLURP SLOBBER DRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!

    • Hi Wolfie, cup cakes are in the freezer, if you want your share, you’d best be quick as the family will be descending as it’s half term, and they certainly won’t last long, so you might just have to go ‘bunny hunting’ have a good week and thanks for visiting. love from T&R

  5. Hello! back to you Arlene, seems very quiet at your place at the moment… You could do with a bit more excitement in your life, then the cold weather setting in wouldn’t worry you so much Arlene…
    Have a lovely week….

    • Hi Lady Jude nice to hear from you as usual, always welcome.
      Yes I’m afraid my life is very dull right now, but partly because, I just want to behave like a hedgehog in the cold weather, I’ll be back on form again in the spring. Lor’ that’s a long way off.

  6. I must say, Arlene, you don’t let pain keep you down and I’m glad you were able to cut the grass. Take care of that shoulder. I’ve never baked a carrot cake, but boy, do I love’em.
    Looking forward to your Halloween costume again this year.

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