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Sunset etc.

I’m waiting for a loaf to finish cooking then I can go to bed, so I’m taking advantage of the time to posting up some news etc.

My shoulder is improving, I’m limiting the computer use and taking it all steady, though  I did do some gardening this afternoon, Why does a wind decide to get up just as you start to rake up the leaves  and blow them all back again, Have I offended some God of sorts. ?

It has been an absolutely beautiful day to-day, unbelievably mild. and the sunset this evening was breathtaking, as you [hopefully] can see by the pictures.

My daughter and husband are going to Cornwall this week-end to visit the Eden project and the Lost Garden of Heligon, lucky devil, I hope the weather stays fine for them.

I’ve been reluctantly emptying some of the planters of spent flowers, why is it you keep hoping that they might just still re-flower, even though you know they’re way past it. I’ve included a couple of them in their glory.  First up is this late butterfly, I haven’t had time to identify it, probably a ringlet.









The sunset took about twenty minutes from start to finish.


A couple of days earlier I took a photo of these yachts in one of the many races they seem to hold.




I couldn’t resist this shot , The collie was lying in the water and totally oblivious of the waves lapping round him, Ruby is on the left just lying watching him as though she was making sure he didn’t drown, or maybe thinking he was a right plonker.



Just a couple of flowers, most shots weren’t very good,



Finally i’ve made a start on the painting I’d asked you to help me choose.


  1. I’m on comment catch-up too…at least with yours…the masses will have to make do with one comment each on latest post…you on the other hand are worthy of the “Full Monty!!” (Just don’t tell anyone else I said that ok? 😉 ) I missed off saying your painting looks to be coming on beautifully…lookinng forward to seeing the finished product 🙂

  2. Great to hear your shoulder’s improving…freedom from pain to a greater or even lesser extent can totally change your whole outlook on life at times. Very professional photos! The sunset is amazing…I tried for sunrise ones on the phone…they looked great at the time but very strange when uploaded, colour wise! Quite understand why that Collie was lying in the sea…it’s so peaceful and calm…such is our bizarre weather system this 21st century! Wolfie hugs 🙂

  3. Good to read that your shoulders improving Arlene, and love the photo’s of the sunset, just beautiful… Know what you mean about the planters, the tubs of flowers I have are slowly dying off with the colder weather, but it breaks my heart to chop them off as they’re still trying, but they’ll soon be in the composter I fear…. so much colour they gave to the garden.. The paintings coming along great, capturing the two gorgeous ones to perfection… I still stand and say ‘G’morning’ to Bess’s painting every day, your talent with the brush has given me so much joy.. I want to thank you again, so much, as she lights up the room… and I can’t fail to smile…even though the tears are still near… Hugs to you, Tango and Ruby Tuesday… xPenx

    • Hi Pen, trying my damnedest to catch up with comments and hope to visit some blogs. Monty Don has just come on and co-incidentally has mentioned the plants, disappearing as soon as you turn your back, glad it’s not only mine.
      Thanks for comments on painting, there’s a fair way to go yet, I’m only getting a chance once a week when i go to the art club, AND…. I forgot to mention I SOLD 4 PAINTINGS LAST WEEK !!!!!!, only little ones, flowers and butterflies it was a set but said I’d split them , but didn’t have to. I’m so glad that my painting of Bess has given you pleasure, For that alone I’m happy to have done it. Have a good cry she’ll understand. Hugs back with gentle licks from little Ruby. XX

      • Yaaay!! only just catching up myself Arlene, and missed this one about your 4 sold paintings…Congratulations.. hugs to you 3 from me. xxxx

  4. CatsRuS

    Hi Arlene,
    Glad to hear your shoulder is improving. Love the pictures, they’re all beautiful and that sunset is amazing!
    I know what you mean about emptying the pots, I always feel a bit sad when the things I grow start to fade. I guess I will have to think about emptying mine soon, They’re still blooming, but that won’t last long, They had such a late start this year due to our summer being so late in arriving. Oh well, it is nice to finally see them in bloom.
    Take care. 🙂

    • Hi Robyn, lovely to see you here, thank you. I’m relieved that my shoulder is a bit better, though by no means right, it’s not locally painful any more, but more when I raise it or reach backward.
      I still have geraniums looking like it’s spring, and to be honest I need the space., but I’ll give them a bit longer.
      I was glad I took the camera last night as the sunsets can be hit and miss. I was just lucky on that call.
      Thanks for calling, have a lovely week end. X

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