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Protect your Password

 Given the current climate re: concerns for computer and data security, I suggest you take this message seriously. This is for your own safety and security!
If your workplace has been assessed and determined to be at a low level of risk,
the following method is recommended to ensure no one can see your passwords or what you’re typing:

p'word 1

 For a moderate level of risk, this method ensures no one can see your passwords,

what you’re typing, or which website you’re visiting…..



   For a high level of risk, this method ensures ultimate security:


> p'word3

Be safe out there people!


  1. HooOOOOOOOwwwwWWWWWLLLLLLLlllllll!!! Oh that was brilliant! Laughed my wolfie socks off, soooo funny lol 😉

    • Yes Anne I thought it was funny, and I wonder what sort of minds some people, they must be fun folk though. Thanks for visit, nice to see you.

    • Oh no, Wolfie, not your socks, it’s going to get colder soon, so please find them and pop them back on, glad you enjoyed the fun.

  2. Curiosity abounds

    Oh dear, that has made me laugh! How do they come up with suchlike!

  3. Hi Pen, my one and only customer, LOL I keep adding symbols to my PW and forget what site their for, and am forever having to request a change. and ditto spell checker, I transpose the letters a lot. that and fat fingers.
    Hugs back from we 3, hope you’re OK and not pining for anything or one, Keep busy
    Arlene XX

  4. hmm, a knitty knotty security problem solved, eh Arlene? … Mind you I think I’ll pass…. 😀 … If anyone tried to see what I was typing they’d get gobbledygook, … I have talent for mistyping my password, so good luck to anyone who looks over my shoulder… (now, how many red lines to correct now?… Thank goodness for spellchecker… Tsk, this keyboard makes so many mis-tackles!!) 😉 Hugs to you, Tango and Ruby Tuesday.. xPenx

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