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A friend has just posted this to me, it’s me in my ‘other life’ judging at a dog show it was in 2001 at Surrey, showing my more serious side, I’m not always an airhead or a plonker’ Smile

me judging at Surrey


  1. Lovely photo! I should think you’re a pretty tough judge lol especially now you have the extra experience behind you now 😉

    • Thanks Wolfie, everyone but the winner would agree with you.:-)

  2. Nice to see you wearing your other ‘hat’ Arlene, and I love the owner glancing down and the dog looking upwards, totally in accord. My Bess wouldn’t have been good at this class, she always felt she knew best.. and I’m sure her dreams were filled with me obeying her… . 😉 Hugs to you three lovely souls from me. xPenx

    • Yes Pen, I do like my Jugging hat, love being ‘the boss’ even if only for the day, LOL
      Bess would have been as good as you taught her to be Pen, Dogs, especially collies, love obedience, and half the fun for them is pretending to let you think you know best. It’s a well known conspiracy 🙂 Hugs from two tired dogs, I’ve been out with my daughter to-day, to get a new winter dog walking jacket.

  3. You have been judging shows for awhile now Arlene, that is a very old photo…

    • Hello Lady Jude, nice to see you, Yes I have been judging many years now, I started working my first dog in 1965, and had my first judging appointment in 1968, Got a couple lined up for next year, it’s a wonderful hobby.

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