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Catch up

Hi All and thanks for your comments on my little bit of homespun wisdom, well it’s not really my work but I thought it too clever not to share and it’s just what I’d quote anyway if I put my mind to it LOL 

 I’ve been having a little break from the internet as the weather has been too good not to get the garden chores up to scratch, still got a little bit to do yet, but getting there,

I see Blogger have been fiddling around with the settings again, and my new post interface is different, [sigh] 

Can you recall that I’ve complained about a frozen shoulder? I kid you not, but there were times it nearly reduced me to tears, I got woken up two three times in the night when I wanted to turn over as I had to lift my whole body as the shoulder got stiff and cramped. Physio said it was damaged tendons., and I did see it on the X ray. Now when I first went to the doctor I asked him was it RSI due to typing? he said No. I thought long and hard about it, and was pretty sure it is that, When I sit in the evening with my laptop I’m in an armchair and my arms aren’t as free as they are when I use my desktop, they are a bit more ‘confined’ and I never really felt comfortable, I’d skew to the right, an skew to the left, using a little table meant I had to lean forward, and I also tried a lap tray, However as I’ve been doing a bit more gardening I’ve felt a bit too tired to do much on the computer so have given it a rest for a few evenings, I woke up this morning and realised my shoulder wasn’t nearly so painful, I’m convinced using the laptop in the armchair is the cause, so I’m not going to have a break and just use my desktop during the day, and fingers crossed it will tell me if I’m right. 

Just a quickie before I take the dogs for their evening walk.

I saw in the papers about a sort of Botox for the eyelashes, I perked up, always looking for ways to improve the picture, It apparently thickens them and makes them long enough for you to have to actually trim them. I shan’t be trying it, as it would take a bit more than long eyelashes at my age. 😦 

It reminded me of when I was a very young teenager, about 14 or so, and one of the lads told us that if you trimmed your eyelashes really short they would grow long and thick, guess what ? we tried it, what a stupid sight we looked, I was in tears and almost resorted to wearing glasses, they’ve still never grown long nor thick. ANother wheeze they tried on us about the same time. 

 My friend and I have ordinary blue eyes, they told us if you drank strong tea it would turn our eyes a lovely shade of dark sultry brown, we must have drank stewed tea for months, plonkers, we [or at least I] have still got ordinary blue eyes. Oh the vanity and discontent of youth.

That’s all for now folks. I hope to get round visiting in the near future, thanks for listening. And answering you comments. The trouble is that my desktop keeps freezing, making hard work of most jobs.


  1. Arlene! I can’t believe you CUT your eyelashes!!! Well…i can in your case lol but you know what I mean 😉 These days you can buy mascara to lengthen, thicken and curl them or if you’re really lazy false eyelashes of your choice are always an option! lol 😉
    I’d never thought of RSI…sounds like it could very well be the cause of your problems doesn’t it…I think you must sit down and read up on the correct posture etc at a computer to avoid such occurances! It will be interesting to see if your little experiment proves you right, which it sounds like it will…a warning to us all!
    Oh and blue eyes are not ordinary!! Mine are also blue and I’m very proud of them! They are probably my one redeeming feature lol 😉

    • Yes I truly did Wolfie, and I also wore false ones in the 60’s, It would take a bit more than the latest thickener, curler stuff to make much difference to mine now, BTW, they did grow again, but def no thicker. serves me right. 🙂
      When I was younger my eyes were greeny/blue now they’re faded denim.
      Lucky you to have nice ones, after all look what they did for old Frankie.

  2. Hi Pen, I’m sitting here on the old desktop trying to catch up on people’s comments and blogs, I hate to miss anyone out and try if I can to reply to them all, but afraid some are way down the email list, I do wish Blogger let you reply direct like here on WP, as I find it a bit of a hassle having to log into their blog and leave a reply at the end of a post and it has nothing to do with it, I bet I’m not making sense.
    I’d give up on Blogger for this only glitch, but I’ve got the most followers [about 4] on it and about 2 on here. 🙂
    I’m not counting my chickens on my shoulder being ‘sorted’ but I’m keeping fingers crossed that rest from the armchair/laptop just may help/ we’ll see.
    I read on email that you’d made a comment to me that I want to answer, so I’m off looking for it, maybe it was in reply to one of yours, and I’m really sorry to say that I can’t keep up with your postings Pen, words come tumbling from your pen like water over a waterfall. but I’ll do my best.
    A good dog friend of mine lost her oldest dog last night Teddy, he’s the first one I painted for her, and she is of course heart broken. Thankfully Tango has perked up , sp possibly it was the sudden heat wave., with luck there may be a couple of years left in the old boy yet.

    • Just before I break off for the night, I thought I’d check here Arlene, … I know I’ve been prolific,… understatement of the year methinks. ,. I just can’t SHUT UP .. 😉 . Why don’t you try to concentrate on WordPress, and leave a ‘linking post’ on your Blogger site to here? Just to see what happens to your audience figures.. In my case I’m finding I think of my Blogger one as a tribute to Bess… and when I visit it brings tears to my eyes straight away… so I’m putting up with WordPress’s latest changes and finding my way about… (again) … Gotta dash, BUT just wanted to say good that Tango is better, and I hope and pray there’s loads of life left in him., for years to come (tears are close, Bess is ever in my mind) Oooops there they go, and now I’ve got a blurred and misty keyboard!! … Hugs to you, sweet Tango, and sweet Ruby too. (of course you’re sweet an’ all…) MWAH!!! xPenx …

      • Oh Pen, thanks so much for coming back to give me a boost.
        I just can’t seem to get anyone on to WP if you look at my posts, at most you and Wolfie. sob, oh well when the darker nights come in I may do a bit more scouting, but I do get a tad impatient when I don’t get feedback from comments, oh stop complaining Arlene 🙂
        I know how you feel with Bess, as I’ve said before, it never leaves, even dogs I’ve lost 30+ years ago still being a pang, thank heavens I have T&R to help. Well I’ve been gardening all day, and it’s time to take them out, catch you later

  3. We always want something different than we’ve been blessed with Arlene, be it a thick matt of eyelashes, which we can bat- away like mad, enough to sweep men off their feet ( with the back-draft 😉 ) or a change of eye colour…(nowadays ’tis easy with contacts.) .. Glad that you’ve proved the Dr wrong and the aching shoulders showing signs of improvement,. but sorry to read that the cause is what you suspected all along….’logging’ on and sitting uncomfy wise whilst surfing this Internet highway… I had the same problem with my back, the cause being my old PC Chair, wasn’t very supportive at all, (yeah, kept criticising my blogs, 😀 sorry, can’t help the extra side comments.. ’tis Friday and I’m free ’til Monday!!!) … But a new chair means better back!! …. Hugs to you, Tango and Ruby Tuesday… from me. xPenx

    • You are right Pen, we’re never satisfied are we, at least I wasn’t, though I’m more accepting of things now, shame it takes so long, The only I only two things I’d really like to change are my height, wish I was taller, and that I could tolerate the cold, Ever since a child I was always sitting too close to the fire, I just love warmth, each Octoberish I get more and more miserable at the thought of the cold I’m in jumpers and cardis when everyone else is still in shorts, especially down here in the South, Oh well what can’t be cured must be endured. Sniffs XX and hugs as warm as I can manage. XX

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