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A present from the birds

Like many people I feed the birds in the garden, with various bird feeders containing various treats , such as nuts, sunflower seeds, and ordinary seed mix. The other day I went to the back part of the garden to clear out the little frog pond, and decided to do a bit of clearing out of the various weeds that have taken hold as they were covering some shrubs and I came across this plant below the bird feeder. Is it what I think it is????

I’m frightened to even put in the post what I think it is …. well just in case the drug squad pick up the word, OR…. maybe it’s a perfectly innocent plant, anybody know?

bird seedP1010765

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  1. I don’t know either, but the pics I’ve seen, looks like it. I never thought about crushing seeds…thanks for the info/

  2. Dry a leaf out and smoke it Arlene, that would be one way of finding out….

  3. um… I have no idea Arlene, but if the police do call, just play dumb, and ask them to arrest the birds for cultivating it, … CSI would surely prove you innocent of any wrong doing.. . (Used to love watching when Gil Grissom was in it… sigh !!…) … and I’ve just been crushing peanuts with a rolling pin, so that the little birds can get at them on the bird table, (I’ve done this ever since I heard about whole peanuts choking some birds, but maybe it was just little chicks?) anywho, the crushing part sure gets rid of any aggression.. I’d fully recommend it., bit only when your shoulders better. hugs to you and to Tango (hope he’s fully recovered) and a hug for Ruby, (always think of Ruby Tuesday when I type her name, My bro used to play the Stones day in day out…. Hey hey, you you, get off my cloud.). sorry must have been sniffing the weed above 😉 xPenx

    • Ha,ha, my daughter said too smoke some and to see what the reaction is, cheeky monkey, Just think folk pay money for it and here am i going to pulverize it into the ground. I don’t want to put it into the garden waste collection, in case they pounce on it. 😦 bit of a hoot really.

      I buy crushed nuts for the birds now, saves me the trouble, I used to put them in the blender.

      I think of Kenny Rogers, Ruby, don’t take your love to Town’ and no, I haven’t been sniffing the weed. 🙂
      Yup, Tango all back to normal, or normal for the equivalent of a nonogenarian ! they send hugs back, both tired out, as we all went into the New Forest for a picnic with some of the family to-day

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