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Am I A Plonker or what?

Hi all, well after a whirlwind of a busy day I think I’ve got my brain back in gear, It was my day to pick up Barney which I can’t do before 9.30 , then I went to Hospital for results of my shoulder [just a damaged tendon] at 12, Art class at 1.30, out again with dogs at 5, and quick change and make over [?] on to the restaurant for 6 , home 10.30 . It was a good evening, 18 of us sat down to a meal. 

 Tango decided to be sick when I got home, then wouldn’t eat his bedtime bikkie, was sick again and quite restless, I’m beginning to fret a little about him. 

Thank you all for your kind comments and I started a painting of the two of them looking straight ahead, though  I am taking on board what Curiosity [Anne] has rightly pointed out, that Ruby should have her very own painting, so that could be in the offing too. 

Anyhow to get back to the title of this post. Am I  a Plonker, well after spending [read wasting] so much time trying to print some photos without success, I was ready to go on the Kodak site and order more cartridges, I checked the ones that were in situ, for details, and guess what? there was a little tab sticking out it said ‘remove’ !!! I did and the printer is now, of course, working as it should, How long have I been using printers and changed cartridges you might  ask, well about 15 years now, so I think I deserve the title of PLONKER OF THE YEAR


  1. Curiosity abounds

    As a fellow plonker I can relate to climbing through the ranks of Captain Daft and dafter still.
    This heat is probably affecting Tango, Mo is hot and listless and can’t settle. Didn’t stop her attempting to eat an unfortunate mangled frog that got caught by the mower blades! Ugh!

    • OMG Anne, aren’t dogs gross! it’s always a concern of mine when i’m strimming as there are froglets jumping around, I usually end up just using the shears , or leaving the edges long. And you could be right that the heat is affecting Tango, He ate his tea to-night, so fingers crossed. Hope Mo is getting over her little blip too.
      Nice to see you taking a break from FB and paying me a visit. ta.

    • Anne I do understand what you’re saying about a long gone pet, I can look through photos quite placidly, then one comes up, and I can recall exactly everything about the time, place, even the weather,even sense the presence of the dog and I am transported back to that day, and feel so sad. It never really goes away does it.
      I’d posted this on Blogspot Anne in reply to your comment.

  2. I once bought a Miracle grow plant feeder that you attach to the end of your garden hose, and I was saying to my ex ,after watering the garden for about an hour, that it was marvellous the way it only used a tiny bit at a time, …. on further inspection we found that the silver foil cover hadn’t been taken off by yours truly and nothing had been used. … After the removal of said foil the feed just vanished through the water in about sixty seconds… ah well, I thought my way was more cost effective.. 😉 so I don’t think you’re a plonker Arlene, ‘cos I’d have to say I was one too.., Hugs to Tango and tell him to stop giving us both a worrying time… I do hope it’s just a tummy bug response to the warmer weather…… Glad to read that the birthday do went ok.. and massive hugs to you, poorly Tango and Ruby. from me. xPenx

    • Oh dear, that was a major Plonk Pen, and costly, I don’t feel so bad now. BTW you talk about your ex a lot, are you on more than friendly terms? or is it none of my business.
      Tango ate his tea to-night and even told Ruby off when she was naughty to-night. phew, relief. sending hugs back [bug free]

  3. happens to us all lol 😉 hope tango makes a speedy recovery 🙂

    • Thanks Wolfie, much better to-night ta.

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