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To-day etcetera.

The weather has been so lovely I just had to spend time in the garden this week, I got quite a bit done even managed to plant my bulbs. For my birthday Karen gave me a planter in the shape and design of an old fashioned perambulator , It is lovely, I planted it with Cyclamen and pansies , but have managed to squeeze in a few bulbs. I bought a new rose, a rambler with pale pink flowers, also another Clematis, one of the small flowered varieties, Can’t recall the names right now, I’ll maybe post them up later.

This morning I was determined to wash my windows before the house became like a tomb. Job well done, I then took the dogs for a good walk, had lunch [home made soup ] and as the day was a tad more dull, I wanted to print off a couple of photos of the dogs, I started at 1.30 and was still struggling with the printer at 6.30 The air was blue, I just couldn’t get the thing to print colours properly, I had no Yellow and very little Cyan.  I changed the paper, did maintenance checks, and generally fiddled and diddled around, I did stop for 20 minutes to sample my cake I’d quickly rustled up this morning, and of course the dogs don’t like missing their afternoon cuppa and biscuit. The cake wasn’t bad, just a quick fruit loaf. Back to the printer, I eventually came to the conclusion that it was the cheap replacement cartridges, I’d only put them in about a week ago. da*n and blast. more money for proper Kodak cartridges.

I managed to take the dogs out again at 7 pm.,  the poor souls had been mugging me from 5.30 their usual time.

I’ve also tried to catch up with some blogs to read and leave comments, times like this I’m happy not to have too many followers. I just couldn’t keep up.

Well anyway i want an opinion on what picture to paint. so I’ve put up the three from the previous blog if you’d care to have a look [dogs] and maybe I can narrow it down.


  1. I like them all but I think I’d go with the first photo, the one of the two of them together. Tango’s expression’s clearer on that one 🙂
    Now about those printer cartridges…never ever ever buy cheap copies! They tell you that for a reason 😉 They’re rubbish!! I don’t get a choice with mine but when I had my previous printer cheap copies were an utter waste of money. Know what you mean about cost though…got to get two new ones myself before long…ouch!

    • Thanks Wolfie, I’ve made a start on it, seems a popular choice.
      I’ve made a big booboo i didn’t take the sticky tag off the cartridge …………..duh! it’s printed OK now, what a plonker.

  2. G’morning Arlene, you’ve been busy…and my cake ‘sniff’ sense let me down for once… The aroma of a newly baked cake didn’t reach me here. 😉 …. and the planter sounds full of colour. (I’ve a tub just outside the back door, full of Double Begonia’s and Cyclamen, so colour meets me every time I go out, Orange flame, scarlet, yellow, white and Crimson, and some of the heads on the Begonias are so heavy I’ve had to prop them up slightly…(when one drops off …I stare at the almost pom-pom like head…yet others are just single…don’t know why…) … Printer ink? don;t get me started,… I’ve a Lexmark Printer, (free from my brother, BUT the ink is so costly. I think that’s why he wanted rid) and I’ve tried cheaper re-filled cartridges but the printer seems to know and rejects them…So it’s Branded new ones and ONLY new ones. about £19.00 for the black and horrendous for the Colour.. Also, when the gauge says it’s empty…it’s not…months later the ink is still working, even when the printer keeps telling me (verbally with an American accent) that ‘Printer Ink is LOW’ it’s lying through it’s teeth… So I just tell it to um.. be quiet… 😉
    I checked the previous blog photo’s of Ruby ‘n’ Tango, and whereas I love the one of them looking sideways, the ‘Ruby and Tango 2 ‘one is just gorgeous so that’s my no.1 choice.. … have a great Monday, it’s so sunny here at the mo… hugs ‘n’ woofs to you, Tango and Ruby from me.. xx Pen xx

    • G’morning to you Pen, I was just going to log off, I am soooooo naughty going on the computer in the morning, I’d made a pact with myself that if I didn’t, I could have a bigger slice of cake for tea, I have promised I will have a blitz indoors this morning before I take the dogs out, as I have a busy half day to-morrow and a full day on Wednesday.
      Your tub sounds glorious, Begonias are so colourful, but a mess in the rain, which fortunately we haven’t had much of lately. I got the Kodak ‘ because’ the inks are supposedly cheap,, though I’d always got a way with cheapies on my previous printers, oh well, bite the bullet and pay up gal. and looking at the prices they’re much cheaper than Lexmark, I used to get the warning from my old one that the inks were low and there was reams of printing left.
      You’re the second person to like the double of R&T facing the camera. we’ll see, it could well be IT.
      I’m getting pop ups on my blogs below the posts all of a sudden, anyone else getting them? Must go now or it will be lunch time and no work done, and I’ve got the dreaded Physio at 4 o’clock. my shoulder’s not a lot better. Snuffles from tango and Ruby who are preening cos I told them you love their pics, vain lot they are. XX Enjoy your Monday, come on sun……….SHINE

      • Thanks for dropping by Arlene, and I saw from your comment on Beths blog that you’re celebrating a friends Birthday today, so have fun and catch you when it’s over. Hugs to you , Tango and Ruby. xPenx

  3. I’ve been gardening as well, it’s a jungle out there… This morning I was so sore from all the work I could hardly do up my shoes…

    • Sounds like yoou may have over done it Lady Jude, you must be careful

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